Cleveland Heights - University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights 6-16-2015

JUNE 16, 2015

  • Jesse Lange
  • Financial approvals
  • Sustainability presentation
  • Public comments on the report

Board member Eric Coble was absent.

Jesse Lange

Superintendent Talisa Dixon introduced Jesse Lange, newly hired for the high school vocal music program.

Financial approvals

The board approved the following:

  • The 2015–6 insurance proposal for property, liability, and fleet insurance
  • Voluntary student insurance for the 2015–16 school year
  • The execution of a lease agreement between the board of education and the City of Cleveland Heights
  • The lease agreement between the board of education and the City of Cleveland Heights for parking

Sustainability presentation

Laura Steinbrink of HLMS Solutions presented a sustainability report on the high school facilities renovation. The report considered the recommendations of administration, teaching staff, community, engineers and architects, as well as previous research to determine how to meet sustainability issues. The report included an overview of the project, decision-making criteria, 2014 eco-goals, and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or green building design) update. Sustainability includes meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations, and preserving resources. The presentation emphasized that rational decisions considering multiple factors must be made, and behavioral actions must be included to achieve sustainability.

The report discussed the following five goals based on the 2014 intensive brainstorming meeting on achieving sustainable design:

  • Achieve a net-zero ready building, reducing kBTU consumption. Computer use, freezers, coolers, the pool, outside wall exposure, solar panels, and carbon footprint studies all are considered in this goal.
  • Build a 100 percent on-site stormwater management system, where stormwater is reused
  • Achieve zero waste in construction and operations, and eliminate food [waste] and solid waste
  • Design and operate the building for human health, emphasizing clean indoor air
  • Design and operate the building to be a teaching tool for sustainability

After Steinbrook’s presentation, a video was presented on sustainability that featured community, city council and board members explaining bicycling projects, garden projects and sustainability concerns.

Public comments on the report

Six community members commented expressing concerns about the lack of hard numbers showing that the sustainability plan will save energy. The board previously voted for a hybrid geothermal system and questions were asked concerning the potential savings. Roof water and rainwater were discussed, particularly how it will be saved and used because water rates will be increasing. One community member was disappointed with the report, and indicated [that] various partnerships should be explored to optimize opportunities. Using the school as a learning tool was encouraged, and it was suggested that an engineering teacher or other personnel be appointed to develop this program and supervise sustainability. Reducing food waste was also encouraged.

LWV Observer: Lillian Houser.

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