Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights 5-19-2015

MAY 19, 2015

  • Career tech director
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Facilities presentation

All board members were present.

Career tech director

Superintendent Talisa Dixon introduced Brad Callender as the new director of the career tech education program.

Strategic Planning Committee

The district is developing a five-year strategic plan. Superintendent Dixon introduced Amy Morgenstern, consultant and president of Main Stream Enterprises, and Saroya Queen-Tabor, Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) chair. The SPC includes teachers, officials, parents and community members to make informed decisions, develop best-thinking processes, force trade-offs among alternatives, and guide the district. The committee held its first meeting in January and is conducting an ongoing study that includes analysis of overall program effectiveness, alignment with studies, prioritizations, feasibility, benefits and costs. The goal is to improve the district’s vision and mission statements. Currently, the vision statement is “Preparing all students for success in a global economy,” or PASSAGE. These statements will be reviewed later, and none of the text was ready to be approved. The SPC will address the following:

  • Student outcomes where every student graduates and pursues higher learning
  • Excellent education for all students
  • Parental and community engagement and support
  • Human concerns and culture of excellence
  • Operational resources and finance technology

Facilities presentation

The architects explained the hard-cost estimate for the high school design development. The basic cost includes the Gateway building, design development work for the Delisle Center, detailed documentation of building systems, and actual quantities and materials. The adjusted budget for these is $79,361,139. The estimates received in Fall 2014 are now within $16,000 of the budget. A summary report, including site preparation, general trades work, and mechanical and electrical work, showed savings. A concern is that labor for this project is competing with many projects in Cleveland. An alternate summary includes costs for a full geothermal HVAC plant for $1,300,000 and field irrigation with rainwater storage for $200,000. Also included for the Heights High auditorium are a new orchestra pit for $750,000, historical theater seating for $75,000, coffered ceiling restoration under the balcony for $100,000, chandelier restoration for $75,000, and a multicolor paint scheme for $500,000. The board must decide on these quickly once construction starts.

The board approved the recommendation for the Cleveland Heights High School construction project design development phase estimate.

LWV Observer: Lillian Houser

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