Cedar Fairmount to honor oldest businesses on May 14

Photos courtesy Cedar Fairmount SID.

The Cedar Fairmount Business District lies 150 feet beyond the border of Cleveland, and is known as the “Gateway to the Heights.” In the early 1900s, real estate developers turned Cedar Fairmount into the first planned neighborhood shopping area in Cleveland Heights, and streetcars traveled the route between downtown Cleveland and the district. 

Among the district’s enduring landmarks are The Barton Deming House (more than 100 years old), Heights Center Building (a Cleveland Heights Landmark), Heights Medical Building (a CH Historical Preservation Award recipient), and the Cedar Grandview Building, all of which have maintained the district’s historic, predominantly Tudor style.  One of Cedar Fairmount’s oldest buildings, The Alcazar, is on the National Registry of Historical Buildings.

The historic district has attracted many long-term businesses and professionals, and on May 14, 6–7:30 p.m., the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District will honor the longest-tenured among them—those that have called the district home for 25 years or more—with a Celebration of Spring at Nighttown.

The businesses and professionals to be honored are:

  • Bridgestone Firestone, 85 years
  • Cedar Hill Sunoco, 82 years
  • Nighttown Restaurant, 50 years
  • Cedar Hill Antiques, 45 years
  • Blatchford Architects, 42 years
  • Appletree Books, 40 years
  • Dr. James Bashaw, 40 years
  • Dr. Javier Galvez, 38 years
  • Pete Axelrod, 37 years
  • Jack Valancy Consulting, 35 years
  • Mad Greek Restaurant, 34 years
  • Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, 32 years
  • Dr. Maureen Krieck, 31 years
  • Reflections, 30 years
  • Abstract Hair Salon, 30 years
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, 27 years
  • Stan Harris Insurance, 27 years
  • Roth Stanley & Associates Therapy Practice, 27 years
  • Dr. Terry Tobias, 25 years

Cleveland Heights Mayor Dennis Wilcox will participate in the celebration’s presentation ceremony, at 7:15 p.m. 

Sponsors of the event are Jack Valancy Consulting, Howard Hanna Real Estate, Cedar Hill Sunoco, Nighttown Restaurant and the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District (CFSID).

The event is open to all who reserve a spot by May 10. To make a reservation, call the CFSID office at 216-791-3172.

Kaye Lowe

Kaye Lowe is the executive director of the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District.

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