CH-UH middle school students earn awards at Model U.N. event

Antigua and Barbuda, represented by Monticello Middle School students.

Roxboro and Monticello Middle schools earned several top awards at the Junior Ohio Model United Nations in Columbus, March 15–17.

At the event, some 1,000 students presented and debated more than 150 resolutions while dressed in costumes evoking the traditional clothing of the countries they represented.

The CH-UH district’s delegations were Antigua and Barbuda, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Monticello Middle School; and Botswana, Guatemala, Samoa and Serbia, from Roxboro Middle School.

Of the 153 nations there, Monticello Middle School’s Antigua and Barbuda won Outstanding Nation.

The Outstanding Delegate Award for exemplary performance went to Aleysia Brooks and Rhiannon Kuntz, representing Antigua and Barbuda; and Jesse Gross, representing Serbia.

The Leadership Award, for delegates who demonstrated initiative throughout the preparation and development portion of the event, was given to Suvedini Ainkaran of Antigua and Barbuda, and Jesse Gross of Serbia.

The Peace Essay runner-up award was given to Rajani Tabor of Samoa. The Global Agenda Issues runner-up award was given to Suvedini Ainkaran of Antigua and Barbuda.

The World Problem-Solving trophy went to Rhiannon Kuntz of Antigua and Barbuda.

Participating district students, and the countries they represented, were:

Antigua and Barbuda: Suvedini Ainkaran, Chayla Barnes, Aleysia Brooks, Emily Cassady, Rhiannon Kuntz, Chantee McMillan, Maria Tarnay and Miranda Wyse.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: David Adams, Maple Buescher, Patrick Dooner, Leo Kenealy, Abigael Lynette, Dorothea Prech, Leela Rajeswaran, Meridith Vandall and Joshual Wendorf. 

Botswana: Peter Bambakidis, Ryen Briscoe-Reynolds, Rohan Bruce, Caroline Imka, Charlie King, Jonah May and Lila Schubert. 

Guatemala: Sylvie Crowell, Angel Goodluck, Georgie Jolivette, Natalie Noble, Julia O’Donnell and Brynn Pierce. 

Samoa: Abra Lisowski, Fiona Macke, Madalyn Shelt, Elena Rinaldi, Rajani Tabor, Anna Turner and Marissa Veccia. 

Serbia: Sydney Ball, Jesse Gross, Veronica Gross, Lili Roosa, Sylvia Snow-Rackley and Beatrice Woodside. 

The delegations wrote resolutions that they presented and defended at the simulation. Antigua and Barbuda’s resolution was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Freedom of Choice,” presented by Suvedini Ainkaran, Rhiannon Kuntz, and Maria Tarnay. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s resolution was “Some More Security Please,” presented by Maple Buescher and Leo Kenealy. Botswana’s resolution was “Save the Refugees,” presented by Rohan Bruce, Ryen Briscoe-Reynolds and Charlie King. Guatemala’s resolution was “Promoting Education and Agricultural Sustainability,” presented by Angel Goodluck, Sylvie Crowell and Georgie Jolivette. Samoa’s resolution was “Vaccination for Invasive Diseases,” presented by Abra Lisowski, Madalyn Shelt and Fiona Macke. Serbia’s resolution was “LGBT Rights,” presented by Jesse Gross, Beatrice Woodside and Lili Roosa.

All delegations participated in the talent showcase. Antigua and Barbuda students performed a native dance to the song “Maria,” written by an islander from Antigua, accompanied by live drumming. Bosnia and Herzegovina students performed a folktale regarding three brothers, a pear tree, and a witch demonstrating that unselfishness and compassion are better than greed to possess. Botswana students performed a traditional Tswana wedding. Guatemala students performed a bilingual song about the importance of fish in their culture, followed by a dance. Samoa students acted out a traditional Samoan folk tale. Serbia students recited and acted out a historical Serbian epic poem.

Also at the event, next year’s officers were elected by all the delegates to serve as the Junior Ohio Model United Nations for 2016. The delegates who will serve next year are:

Council President: Angel Goodluck and Rhiannon Kuntz

Council Vice Presidents: Sylvie Crowell, Jesse Gross, Georgie Jolivette, and Brynn Pierce

Teacher advisors Deborah Frost, Janet Lechleitner, John Powaski, and Anthony Provenzale say they are very proud of all the students, and are already looking forward to next year.

Cathan Bricker

Cathan Bricker is the communications administrative assistant for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District.

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 11:15 AM, 04.30.2015