Thank you to the CH police and fire departments

[This letter, sent to the CH police chief, was also sent to the Observer and other media for publication.]

Dear Chief Robertson,

I've taken a bit of time to think back on all our encounters with the Cleveland Heights Police and Cleveland Heights Fire departments in the 60 years that our family has lived on Edgehill Road. Without exception, each response or interaction was professional in every way. Not the slightest complaint comes to mind when reviewing all these years, and only gratitude that we are protected by a police force with such high integrity. Sixty years is a long time.

In the years since my return to my childhood home, I have had reason to call the police quite a few times for break-ins, attempted break-in, car theft attempt, theft and fraudulent use of library card, tire cutting, bicycle theft, possible breaking into other houses on the street, an elderly neighbor walking in the street in a daze, etc. I have been politely, but firmly stopped twice for infractions: once for forgetting to register car license plates; the other time for riding a bike on the sidewalk without a helmet. I did not know this was a local ordinance. Each time the officers responded very quickly, were courteous, clear, firm, and fully professional as they should be, and as they always have been over the many years that our family has been assisted by them.

I recently met investigator Quintero Q. Mack during a casual conversation while he was on duty. He could not possibly have been more responsive in offering police contacts and encouraging me to call with any questions, needs or concerns. What a personable, encouraging, compassionate, and unsolicited policing communication effort.

Over the last few years I had need of Cleveland Heights fire/ambulance emergency services a number of times at our home. I have also called twice this year for stumble drunks lying in the street or walking into traffic at other locations, and an injured bicyclist who had crashed into a pole on Cedar Hill. As with the police department, the response was fast, clear, compassionate, professional. One could not ask for better fire emergency services. These people in need quickly received the responses they needed to help them.

On behalf of my parents, my sister Joan Kish Shively of Gates Mills, and myself, and I'm sure many, many other residents, I thank the mayor, you as police chief, the fire chief, and the entire police force and fire department of Cleveland Heights for the 60 years of exceptional professional policing and fire services courageously, and, I'm sure, at times heroically, provided for our family, and so many others in this city, while protecting our property and lives.

Edward W. Kish Jr.

Edward W. Kish Jr.

Edward W. Kish Jr.
Edgehill Road

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 3:37 PM, 01.29.2015