University Heights City Council meeting highlights 11-17-2014

NOVEMBER 17, 2014

  • Debate on executive session
  • Workers’ compensation administration
  • Budget amendment
  • Park fund
  • Debt policy
  • Public health services
  • Police video maintenance
  • Sale of property
  • New park

All council members were present.

Debate on executive session

Councilman Mark Wiseman objected to a motion for an executive session to discuss imminent litigation. He argued that the threat of litigation didn’t mean that there would be litigation. The possible litigation stems from council’s withdrawal of an Oct. 20 approval vote on a zoning variance. [Mayor Susan Infeld had exercised a vote to break a tie, which led to approval. However, at the following meeting, council, citing the city code, called her vote into question and ruled that the request for variance had not passed.] Mayor Infeld explained to council that she and the law director had received information that needed to be discussed in executive session. Council approved the executive session with council members Wiseman and Pamela Cameron voting no.

After the executive session, which met late in the meeting, council reconsidered and approved the planning commission recommendation to change the zoning for properties on Cedar Road owned by Larry Weiser, who plans to establish a business there. Wiseman and Councilman Steven Sims voted no.

Workers’ compensation administration

Council authorized a contract with CompManagement to provide third-party administrator services with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in the amount of $6,795. This will be the second year the city uses this firm.

Budget amendment

Council heard a first reading of a budget amendment to make corrective adjustments to the budget for 2014, such as moving funds that had been allotted for sewer replacements and removing the offsetting entry for the reimbursement from the city of Cleveland for sewer replacements, as no sewers will be replaced this year. All of the adjustments have a net effect of zero dollars for the budget.

Park fund

Council heard a first reading of legislation to create a special revenue fund known as the Park Fund. This will be to set aside tax payments earmarked for creation of the park on Fenwick Road. The final tax payment for the pool will be made in early December so any remaining funds received in December will be applied to the park project. Also presented on first reading was a resolution amending the 2015 budget to correctly reflect the tax levies for the new park development. The park was removed from the original budget proposal pending the voters’ decision in the Nov. 4 General Election.

Debt policy

Legislation approving the City of University Heights Debt Policy was presented on first reading. An auditor discovered that the city did not have a formal policy regarding the handling of debts.

Public health services

Council approved a 2015 contract for public health services with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

Police video maintenance

Council authorized a maintenance agreement with L3 Communications Mobile-Vision for a police department video system. Police are required to record all interrogations. The current service contract is expiring and needs to be renewed at a cost of $5,665. The system is reaching the end of its projected lifespan and will need to be replaced. The mayor noted that two vendor contracts [this one with L3 Communications Mobile-Vision and the earlier one with CompManagement] had been approved at this meeting. She asked council members to confirm that the process was clear for approval of vendor contracts, and asked whether they had any questions. She confirmed that all contracts are public records and can be accessed at city hall.

Sale of property

A motion to authorize the mayor to post a legal notice to sell city-owned property located at 2240 Jackson Blvd. was tabled. At a prior meeting, council had voted to split the property into two halves and allow purchase by the two neighboring property owners. However, the mayor is required to post the property for sale instead of automatically allowing purchase by the two neighbors. Because council had already voted to split the property, it was decided that the legal notice should be revised to reflect the offer of two half lots for sale.

New park

Council authorized the mayor to advertise RFQs (Request for Quotes) for design services for the new park on Fenwick Road.

LWV Observer: Wendy Deuring.

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