Fairmount Taylor district parking causing dangerous situation

To the Editor:

The shops in the Fairmount/Taylor area are a welcome treat. Cleveland Heights is fortunate to have these establishments within our city.

Unfortunately, parking is troublesome at the corner of Queenston Road and Fairmount Boulevard, which is the most impacted area. I witnessed a motor vehicle driver come a hairline from causing severe injury to a child, who was attempting to cross the street to attend his music lesson. Likewise, I saw a bicyclist come close to suffering severe bodily harm.

I shared my concerns with Cleveland Heights Councilman Jeff Coryell and [CH Police] Sgt. Ben Osowski. They agreed that safety is [of] the upmost importance.

Unfortunately, since changes were made—adding a handicapped space, a delivery zone, and establishing a lower speed limit—I have witnessed many cars parked in the delivery zone. This means the delivery trucks have nowhere to park and are forced to block Queenston Road. What's more troubling is that cars that have no disability placard are parked in the handicapped space. I don't understand the mindset of an able person taking the space of a person with disabling ambulation issues.

I've heard many Queenston Road residents say that when they exit Queenston onto Fairmount, they feel like they are putting their lives at risk because of the illegally parked cars. I've heard residents say how nerve-wracking it is when trying to enter Queenston from Fairmount, because of the people illegally turning around in residents' driveways and the cars parked in the delivery zone.

I am a registered nurse. I've taken care of patients in the intensive care unit who sustained severe injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Images of those patients are vivid and unforgettable. I hope that no one living on Queenston Road or in this community suffers such a fate.

The police told me to let them know whenever I see cars parked illegally. I have seen so many illegally parked cars that I need speed dialing for 321-1234. Certainly the priority of our police force is to keep us safe from crime and I don't believe it's fair to use their time and skills ticketing people.

I believe that most of the infractions are from people who live outside our community. I hope the clients of the bakery and restaurant give this food for thought: Obey the signs. Walk an additional 100 feet. Kindly respect the Queenston/Fairmount families and treat our neighborhood as if it's your own.

Laurel Hopwood

Laurel Hopwood
Cleveland Heights
[Hopwood is a 32-year resident of Queenston Road]

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Volume 7, Issue 12, Posted 2:57 PM, 12.01.2014