FutureHeights will encourage discourse, rather than endorse ballot issues

In its more than 10-year history, FutureHeights has never endorsed an issue on any ballot.

This year, the FutureHeights Board of Directors made the decision to consider endorsing the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library’s Operating Levy. The board considered whether FutureHeights, as an organization, would endorse the levy, leaving aside personal support, or lack thereof, for the levy.

The board discussed and debated the levy issue and met with a member of the levy committee. Ultimately, the FutureHeights Board of Directors decided that, while FutureHeights could, theoretically, endorse a ballot issue, the board does not believe that it would be wise to have FutureHeights, as an organization, endorse any ballot issue at this time. 

Those of us on the board believe that there are many valid arguments for and against passage of the levy. We believe that continuing constructive discourse regarding any ballot issue through Election Day is the best way FutureHeights can maintain its mission of supporting and promoting civic engagement.

We do not want to compromise FutureHeights’s long-standing tradition of impartiality and objectivity, by endorsing an issue. We also never want to compromise the objectivity and standards of the Heights Observer, which provides a voice to all citizens and promotes civic engagement. Thus, while you will not see endorsement of ballot issues from FutureHeights, you will see FutureHeights’s ongoing commitment to maintaining and convening the conversation.

Clare Taft

Clare Taft is president of the Board of Directors of FutureHeights.

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Volume 7, Issue 12, Posted 11:02 AM, 11.03.2014