Library offers new digital streaming service

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library is offering a new, free streaming digital service for mobile and online access. Called Hoopla Digital, the service offers library card holders instant access to thousands of movies, television shows, music albums and audiobooks.

Customers can instantly stream or temporarily download material to smartphones, tablets and computers.

“More and more of our customers are getting used to streaming digital media with services like Netflix, Pandora and Spotify, just to name a few,” said Nancy Levin, Heights Libraries director. “Hoopla offered us an easy way to keep up with their changing needs.”

Customers will be allowed 10 downloads per library card each month. A music album counts as one download, as does one television episode.

Much like an e-book, the digital file “disappears” once the loan period has ended. Videos are available for three days, music files for seven days and audiobooks for 21 days.

Customers with barred or blocked accounts, or with an account in collections, will be prohibited from using the service until their accounts are cleared. Users must have a valid e-mail address.

Levin said customers who prefer DVDs and CDs need not worry. “E-books haven’t replaced bound books, and Hoopla won’t replace our DVDs and CDs,” she said. “Digital streaming just gives us one more way to serve our customers.”  

To register for Hoopla Digital, or for more information, visit

Sheryl Banks

Sheryl Banks is the marketing and community relations manager for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library

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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 2:03 PM, 07.01.2014