University Heights City Council meeting highlights 5-19-2014

MAY 19, 2014

  • Public Comments
  • Pool
  • Memorial Day parade
  • Gesu Boys’ Cross Country Team
  • Transfer of funds
  • Purchasing policy
  • Sewer cleaning

Councilwoman Nancy English was absent.

Public Comments

Residential house of worship: Harvey Morrison of White Road told council of a home at the corner of University Parkway and Milton Road that appears to be used as a house of worship. The services and celebrations can be very noisy and last until 11 p.m. or later. A large number of cars are parked on the property and on the adjacent streets. An elderly and severely disabled neighbor is unable to take actions to protect herself from the noise. Morrison said he recalled attending a gathering many years ago, when police asked that it quiet down after 9 p.m., and isn’t sure why these gatherings are allowed to continue so much later than 9 p.m. Mayor Susan Infeld noted that David Menn, building commissioner, is aware of the situation and has been working to address it. She asked Morrison to call the police any time there is a disturbance.


The recreation department brochure is available and the pool has been filled. The pool will open weekends for the next two weeks and will open full time on June 7.

Memorial Day parade

The Memorial Day parade on May 26 will start at Silsby Road near Taylor Road. This year’s speaker will be retired Lt. Col. Peter Bernardo.

Gesu Boys’ Cross Country Team

Certificates of Recognition were distributed to all members of the Gesu Boys’ Cross Country Team for winning the CYO 2013 City Championship.

Transfer of funds

Council authorized the transfer of funds from the general fund to the street maintenance, police pension and fire pension funds. The pensions are paid out monthly and there is a need to replenish the funds. The street maintenance fund needs to be increased in anticipation of the seasonal increase in street repairs.

Purchasing policy

The recent financial audit found that the city did not have a policy for blanket purchase orders for ongoing purchases, such as gasoline, chlorine for the pool, road salt, etc. Larry Heiser, finance director, is in the process of reviewing the city’s regulations regarding purchasing, contracting and bidding. The process was not a problem, only the lack of formal policies. Councilman Steven Sims asked to insert language supporting diversity and inclusion in all procurements. Council agreed with adding the diversity language, but decided to table the vote until the language could be completed and standardized across procurement processes.

Sewer cleaning

Council authorized bid advertising for the 2014–15 catch basin, inlet sewer cleaning, and sewer video program. This will be a two-year contract to clean approximately 700 catch basins, and to clean and televise approximately 150,000 linear feet of storm and sanitary sewers. The city regularly cleans one-third of the 1,000 storm sewers each year. They use television cameras to remotely inspect the sewer lines for damage. The estimated cost will be $400,000 over the two-year period.

LWV Observer: Wendy Deuring.

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