Proposed Cedar Coventry development would fill a need

To the Editor:

Kathleen Tark's informed comments [Proposed Cedar Coventry development threatens historic neighborhood character] on the development of the Cedar-Coventry intersection's southwest property give everyone a desirable goal in the area's development. At the same time, Tark gives us no tangible and imminent means to [reach] that goal. Additionally, [her letter] ignores the existing situation with respect to the immediate area along Cedar Road where properties are being used as transient, multifamily, rentals.

The proposed development is designed to accommodate multiple families on a compact property where there is, obviously, a need that the adjacent properties are filling. And I believe that most people would find the proposed development far more esthetically pleasing that what we've got there now, by far. So overall I suggest that the new development would have a positive effect on the appearance of that area and add to the potential value of adjacent properties. It can be built now rather than wait for a low-density development that doesn't seem to have a chance of coming into being soon.

William Jones

William Jones
Cedar Coventry area property/home owner

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 4:01 PM, 05.12.2014