University Heights plans zoning code overhaul

The City of University Heights has embarked on a major overhaul of its zoning code, through which it will address several areas of concern. In a March 25 meeting, planner David Hartt, of CT Consultants, enumerated planned changes and discussed other opportunities brought forth by the overhaul.

Zoning review and approval processes will be clarified, and conflicts that have emerged in the code, due to piecemeal amendments over the years, will be eliminated. Impediments to reasonable investment—lot coverage restrictions, for example—will be evaluated, and the code will be adjusted to reflect changes in state and federal regulations regarding land uses such as group homes and religious facilities. The zoning code’s consistency with the city’s master plan will also be improved.

Hartt said that, besides the items that definitely need to be addressed, the overhaul process provides an opportunity for University Heights to consider its environment-related regulations, such as those that apply to rain barrels, solar panels, pervious surfaces and the like.

Mayor Susan Infeld noted that the public will have opportunities to participate in, and be informed about, the process, which is expected to conclude in early 2015. "We are very excited at the prospect of updating our planning and zoning code that was established in 1953," she said. "It's about time!"

Vince Reddy

Vince Reddy is a Cleveland Heights resident and occasional contributor to the Heights Observer.

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