Yoga Roots opens studio at Fairmount and Taylor

Kim and Scott Curtis in their new yoga studio in the Fairmount Taylor neighborhood.

After nearly two years of planning, Kim and Scott Curtis have opened their new yoga studio, Yoga Roots, in Cleveland Heights’s Fairmount Taylor Business District.

A fellow yogi encouraged them to “practice patience” during this journey, and the Curtises now know why. “We have had so many ups and downs during our search for the perfect location for Yoga Roots,” said Kim. “At times it was difficult to understand why certain plans would just stall or never get off the ground.”

Now, said Scott, “Our new studio just fits our personality perfectly. It feels grounded, earthy, and yet truly open to growth. We wanted a place that was authentic to our name, Yoga Roots, which holds special meaning to us. We could not have picked a more ideal location or better studio.”  

Yoga Roots officially opened its doors on April 5 at 3459 Fairmount Blvd., in the space formerly occupied by Start to Finish Fitness. Their new studio is in a neighborhood that the Curtises, residents of Shaker Heights, have always enjoyed.

“We are foodies, and enjoy our sticky bun from On The Rise, or an appetizer at Gigi’s. We have become close with nearly all of the business owners on the block. It was just natural to locate here and become neighbors. It’s the walkability and mix of people and establishments that makes it so special,” said Kim. 

In a studio space that can accommodate up to 70 practitioners, Yoga Roots offers classes for all levels of users. Kim appreciates firsthand that people come from different experiences and for different reasons to “find their mat.” Dubbed "the tin man doing yoga” by her sister at her first yoga class, Kim was a professional athlete who found yoga while attempting to recover from a major injury. “I had no flexibility,” recalled Kim. “I had to laugh at myself because it was not natural to me out of the gate, but I also experienced for the first time a workout that gave me the same level of satisfaction I had when I was running or playing soccer.”

Her husband, Scott, a relatively new yogi, has spent the past 20 years sitting behind a desk practicing law. For him, yoga is a place for release. “The physical part is obvious, but it’s the opportunity to stay centered and find my breath that is most beneficial to me,” stated Scott. It’s that balance of benefit that Yoga Roots hopes to provide.   

The Curtises say it is because they have been so touched, both personally and as a couple, by their experiences in yoga that they hope to provide this opportunity to others. “We want our studio to be a place for people of all levels, experiences and ages to come and experience yoga,” explained Kim. 

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Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia is a Cleveland Heights resident and teacher at Yoga Roots.

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