A salute to a community

To the Editor,  

At last, now that my health issues have become familiar, and no longer troublesome, I can try to extend all my daily thank-yous to countless people, both in and out of the Cleveland Heights community.   

The rallying support and the on-going chatter that erupted, did reach my hospital room within days. I was flabbergasted, lifted, and so deeply moved by all the attention then, as I still am now.   

How does one ever convey the gratitude, the emotional boost, and the surprising connections I am humbled by? My guess, it will be an ongoing process, as it has been all along. From the visitors, flowers, plants, cards, gifts, phone calls and prayers, my recovery was off to a very strong beginning.

As if that wasn't enough, a network of some dear, determined friends collaborated with the merchants of Cedar-Fairmount, local and distant businesses, and the local community, to create the fundraiser, "Share The Road," at Nighttown. Once again, the outstanding attendance, donations, participation, and success of the event, proved the compassion of so many people. Truly dumbfounding!

I have had the privilege to hear some of your stories in connection with the accident, at random and almost daily as our paths have crossed, most commonly at Starbuck's, Dave's and walking around the neighborhood. My verbal thank-yous seemed trite in comparison to what I have been surrounded by.

For what I heard was the goodness, concern, thoughtfulness and generosity of people whom I have been blessed by. They, too, felt the surge of a united, rejuvenated, and inspired community. Some met their neighbor, some have reunited with past acquaintances, and some met for the first time. All because people engaged, rallied and connected. We all experienced humanity at its best.

Thank you, beyond these written words.

Editor's Note: Mindy Manyo, a longtime resident of the Cedar Fairmount neighborhood, waterer of flowers in the Cedar Fairmount Business District, and avid cyclist, was hit by a car while she was riding her bike on Fairmount Boulevard on Oct. 3, 2013, suffering severe injuries. Friends and business owners organized a benefit for her at Nighttown last fall.


Mindy Manyo

Mindy Mano
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 11:15 AM, 02.18.2014