University Heights City Council meeting highlights 1-21-2014

JANUARY 21, 2014

  • Ed Kelley
  • Library renovations
  • Municipal court operation
  • Green driveways
  • Police dispatchers
  • Ford Escape
  • Council chambers repairs
  • Sanitary sewer repair
  • Garage doors

Vice Mayor Susan Pardee and Councilwoman Adele Zucker were absent.

Ed Kelley

Ed Kelley, former mayor of Cleveland Heights, officially announced that he is seeking election to Cuyahoga County Council to fill the seat representing the district that includes University Heights.

Library renovations

Mayor Susan Infeld asked that people attend at least one of the community forums being held by the University Heights Library to discuss possible renovations.

Municipal court operation

The Shaker Heights Municipal Court will be holding a training session to teach the public about how the court operates.

Green driveways

The Home Repair Resource Center will be presenting a free lecture on green driveways, including such ideas as water-permeable pavers, which would reduce water runoff. Mayor Infeld noted the possibility of increased fees in the future for nonpermeable surfaces, [and said] this program might be of particular interest.

Police dispatchers

Council approved a contract wage reopened agreement, implementing new contract terms between the city and the three police dispatchers. This contract expired last July, but an agreement was finally reached in December. A salary increase of 2 percent plus a signing bonus will be paid retroactively to July 1 to each of the dispatchers, at a cost to the city of $2,860. Councilman Mark Wiseman voted against passing the issue on emergency standing, leaving only four council members voting yes. The law director ascertained that four votes were insufficient for approval on emergency. Because the ordinance would still pass, but with a 30-day delay of the retroactive pay increase if it were not passed now on emergency, Wiseman made a motion to recall the vote and changed his vote to yes.

Ford Escape

Council approved the purchase of a 2014 Ford Escape for the building department for $20,013.80. David Menn, building commissioner, had bought the same vehicle for the department last year and at the time had negotiated the option to buy a second vehicle in the first quarter of 2014 for the same price. This will replace a 13-year-old vehicle. The latter vehicle has only has 35,000 miles on it, but they are city miles with many starts and stops. It will be turned over to the service department for its own use as it has mechanics on staff who can provide regular maintenance and repairs. The cost of the new vehicle is included in the proposed 2014 budget.

Council chambers repairs

The roof has been repaired and there has been no additional water damage. Council approved Robert C. Van Gunten Inc. to paint the chambers in a palette of grays and cream for no more than $5,885. Council also approved Marshall Carpeting to replace the carpet and asphalt tiles at a cost of no more than $5,476.04. The new carpet squares will be grey with white, red and blue striping.

Sanitary sewer repair

Council approved Land Networking LLC [to carry out the] emergency repair of a sanitary sewer at 2535 Eaton Road at a cost of $6,234. The sewer became blocked when the pipe crumbled. Sewage was already beginning to back up into the home, so the emergency contractor had to be brought in. Council authorized the mayor to request bids for the 2014–16 emergency sewer repair contract. University Heights has paid $100,000 over the past two years to Land Networking LLC for emergency sewer repairs under the current contract.

Garage doors

Building commissioner Menn announced that the new fire department garage doors have been installed, which should provide a warmer garage and reduced energy costs.

LWV Observer: Wendy Deuring.

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