Mosdos remains interested in Millikin property

To the Editor:

Mosdos Ohr Hatorah has learned that the CH-UH Board of Education proposes to convert its long-abandoned Millikin property into something other than a school. Mosdos is disappointed that negotiations with the board have so far been unsuccessful. It remains willing to negotiate further if and when the board changes its mind and agrees to sell the entire Millikin property without excluding the old stables. Otherwise, Mosdos could not develop a reasonable land use plan with adequate recreational area for children.

The board has used the stables illegally as a garage and a dump. Instead of a school that would improve and anchor the neighborhood, the board proposes an illegal use of residentially zoned property for a full-time office building and part-time theatre.  It does not mention the high financial cost of doing this. Nor does it mention whether it will spend bond money voted for other purposes.

This new proposal would violate the city’s zoning code. It would misuse public money. It would undermine the confidence of Mosdos parents and put the neighborhood at risk. The board's proposal therefore is a lose-lose-lose solution.

Alan Rapoport

Alan Rapoport
Attorney for Mosdos

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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 4:35 PM, 01.30.2014