Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 1-6-14

JANUARY 6, 2014

  • Organizational meeting
  • Public comment
  • Shelter during cold spell
  • Liquor license transfer
  • Advisory committees
  • Cold weather delayed garbage pickup
  • School travel plan
  • Move to Amend hearing

All council members were present.

Organizational meeting

The oath of office was administered to Janine Boyd, Jeff Coryell, Jason Stein, Cheryl Stephens and Melissa Yasinow, who were elected to council on Nov. 5. Council elected Dennis Wilcox to be mayor and Cheryl Stephens as vice mayor. Both were administered the oath of office.

Mayor Wilcox announced the membership for each council committee:

  • Administrative Services: Melissa Yasinow (chair), Janine Boyd (vice chair), Jason Stein (member)
  • Community Relations and Recreation: Jeff Coryell (chair), Melissa Yasinow (vice chair), Cheryl Stephens (member)
  • Finance: Cheryl Stephens (chair), Mary Dunbar (vice chair), Melissa Yasinow (member)
  • Municipal Services: Mary Dunbar (chair), Jeff Coryell (vice chair), Janine Boyd (member)
  • Planning and Development: Jason Stein (chair), Cheryl Stephens (vice chair), Mary Dunbar (member)
  • Public Safety and Health: Janine Boyd (chair), Jason Stein (vice chair), Jeff Coryell (member)

Public comments

Diane Hallum, chair of Citizens Leadership, called for improved communication with city hall and questioned the efficacy of the city’s boards and commissions.

Resident Nick Wilkins also addressed the need for better communication between the city and residents, and [expressed] concerns about lack of police response.

Shelter during cold spell

Tanisha Briley, city manager, noted that the Cleveland Heights Community Center would be open from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. and all day tomorrow for residents needing a place to stay warm during the current cold spell. She advised calling the non-emergency police line, 216-321-1234, to locate a place to sleep.

Liquor license transfer

Hill Top Lounge LLC (2221 Noble Road, 44112) has applied, under the TREX process, which allows surplus liquor licenses to transfer from one community to another, to transfer a permit from Cedars Lounge Inc. doing business as Cedars Lounge and Restaurant (23 N. Hazel Street, First Floor Basement and Patio, Youngstown). This was referred to the Public Safety and Health Committee, the city manager, and the law director.

Advisory committees

Council approved the appointment of members to the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Transportation Advisory Committee for 2014.

Cold weather delayed garbage pickup

Due to the cold weather, garbage pickup was cancelled for the next day and delayed by one day for the remainder of the week.

School travel plan

A public hearing, Safe Routes to School Travel Plan Public Review, will take place Thursday evening, Jan. 16, in council chambers.

Move to Amend hearing

In keeping with the passage of Issue 32 this past November, council will hold a public hearing Thursday, Jan. 23, at 6 p.m., in council chambers, regarding the influence of corporate entities’ money on elections.

LWV Observers: Blanche Valancy and Katie Solender.

These meeting summaries are abstracted from LWV observers’ written reports. The summaries have been edited and prepared by Anne McFarland, Charlene Morse, and Maryann Barnes. To receive e-mail postings of full reports, send an e-mail to or join through Google groups using “lwv-chuh observer reports” as a search phrase.

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