No Mart, Bart!

The closing of Walmart at Severance and opening of Walmart at Oakwood brings back memories. Back in the day (the 1980s, I believe), the developer Bart Wolstein wanted to buy Oakwood and put Cleveland's first Walmart there.

The neighborhood—the whole city—was, expectedly, up in arms and formed a Stop Walmart group headed by a Heights High teacher, Allan Wolf.

I, who had run for the Cleveland Heights school board, joined the fray as an ad consultant. The first thing I did was to design a bumper sticker that read "NO MART, BART!"

The campaign worked and Walmart was turned down, not to rear its ugly head until many years later.

Observer Editor

Saul Isler
Santa Monica, California
(Isler was a Cleveland Heights resident from 1939 to 1996.)

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Volume 7, Issue 1, Posted 2:38 PM, 01.02.2014