Walmart's throw-away attitude

To the Editor:

It is nice of you all to put a positive spin on the news feed about the new Walmart, but to me it is simply chilling. I think it is almost obscene for Walmart to put out this claim about how energy efficient [its] new store is when actually in reality it is just another drain on what has become our throw-away attitude about our society and our earth.

Now we have a large ugly vacant shell of a building sitting in the midst of an ever-degrading asphalt sea, while yet another beautiful green space bites the dust. The former Oakwood Country Club, if left green, would have had far more environmentally positive impact than the new green Walmart. Walmart has far too many despicable policies for me to darken [its] doors. I guess the new store is wonderful for a few, but for the neighborhood and the planet it is yet another sad turn.

I commend Cleveland Heights for maintaining [its] portion of the country club green and I hope that the Millikin School complex in the old Severance estate will become a green space as well. We do not need more places to shop. Let us refurbish and maintain those parts of the world that we have already designated as asphalt rather than tear into more of our remaining brown and green space.

Robin VanLear

Robin VanLear
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 6, Issue 12, Posted 11:25 AM, 12.02.2013