Phillip Ertel - UH City Council Candidate

Phillip Ertel


2296 Miramar Blvd 44118 Age: 57



Education: Graduated Cum Laude from Ohio University - BS in Communications

Occupation: Shaker Heights Municipal Court probation officer

Qualifications: Seven years as University Heights Councilman; At the Shaker Heights Municipal Court, I am able to help many UH residents with their housing and other issues.

Community: Development of the new UH six acre park between Saybrook and Fenwick roads; UH liaison to the CH/UH Schools Lay Facilities Committee; Habitat for Humanity; Friends of the CHUH Public Library 


1. Issues/opportunities: The most important city issue is the budget. I would continue to improve fiscal management, such as this year which resulted in the largest budget surplus in the city’s history; Housing is another important issue. For most residents, it’s their largest asset. I would continue housing code enforcement. As aggravating as it can be at times, it also protects home values. And neighborhoods as a whole.

2. Revenue: Decreased funding from the state is an unfortunate reality and probably a permanent one. The impact will be felt most with road and infrastructure repair. UH has a very lean budget so there is not much room to make reductions in spending. I look toward grants as a source of income to make up the difference. And a new full time grant writer is one of the few positions that could pay for itself.

4. Plan for future: There should be a plan with specific agreed upon development goals, rather than waiting for the next fast food franchise to come knocking at our door. We should employ an economic development director similar to every city contiguous to ours.

5. School bond issue: do not support the school facilities bond issue. I believe the proposed school tax is not affordable for most residents. The school facilities plan should be scaled back to make it more affordable.

6. Why run?: For many years I’ve been an active citizen in community projects such as building Purvis pool and park, and as longtime chairman of the Memorial Day parade. As a member of council I continue to be active, with my overall goal of making sure that University Heights remains a desirable community.

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Volume 6, Issue 10, Posted 11:34 AM, 10.02.2013