Coventry-Overlook traffic signal schedule seems a hazaard

To the Editor:

In the past six months or so, it seems the traffic lights at the intersection of Coventry and Overlook roads have gone from green-yellow-red in each direction, all day and all night, to green-yellow-red in each direction during the day and flashing red on Overlook and flashing yellow (caution) on Coventry 24 hours a day.

This makes it very difficult to cross Coventry anywhere between Cedar Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard, if not really between Fairmount and Euclid Heights boulevards. At all times, except the very wee hours of the morning graveyard-shift time, it is a challenge to scoot across Coventry between cars that are coming in both directions. When going west across the intersection on Overlook, the trees on the east side of Coventry to the south of the intersection block visibility in that direction, making it hard to see if there is a car just 50 feet away.

I would love to understand why the change was made and, barring a revelation of misperception on my part, would love to see it go back to 24/7, 365-days green-yellow-red in each direction. It is a matter of time, in my opinion, before the accidents start mounting there.

Charley Winans

Charles Winans
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 6, Issue 10, Posted 3:15 PM, 10.01.2013