Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-3-2013


  • Citizen communications: Spirit Corner community garden, tax burden, senior volunteers
  • Bid requests
  • Liquor license
  • Zoning variances
  • Cedar Lee SID assessment and plan
  • Street lighting and improvements assessments
  • Disposition of city property
  • Resurfacing

All council members were present.

Citizen communications

Spirit Corner community garden: Resident Laura Marks thanked council for supporting the community garden at the Spirit Corner at Hampshire and Cadwell roads. She also thanked Mayor Edward Kelley and Council Member Bonnie Caplan, who are both retiring from council at the end of the year, for their many years of service on council.

Tax burden:Resident Charlotte Stein expressed concern about the tax burden on the city’s senior citizens.

Senior volunteers:Resident Diane Hallum suggested that the city make use of senior volunteers to help in the offices at city hall. She also expressed concern about animal problems (groundhogs, possums, deer, etc.).

Bid requests

Council authorized the city manager to receive request for proposals for employee benefit brokerage consulting services and to advertise for bids for generators at the community center.

Liquor license

RHHJ Productions LLC, doing business as the Rib Cage (first floor and basement, 2214 Lee Road), has applied to transfer a liquor license from Amir Foods Inc., doing business as Amir’s Marketplace Restaurant (4422 Mayfield Road, South Euclid). This request was done under the TREX process, which allows surplus liquor licenses to transfer from one community to another.

Zoning variances

Council granted the following zoning code variations (fence regulations) to:

  • Leslie Dickson, 2886 Corydon Road, to permit a six-foot-tall wood fence in the corner-side-yard, set back four feet from the Lamberton Road sidewalk right-of-way.
  • Yuri Novitsky and Heidi Elliott, 2736 Berkshire Road, to permit a six-foot-tall wood fence in corner-side-yard set back 10 feet from the edge of Mornington Lane.

Council granted the following code variations (front yard coverage regulations) to:

  • Thomas and Heidi Harris, 1452 Westover Road, to permit a 14-foot one-inch- to 20-foot five-inch-wide front yard driveway.

And council granted the following code variations (minimum yard regulations) to:

  • Council Gardens, 2501 North Taylor Road, to permit an addition to be set back 22 feet from the rear property line.
  • Todd and Sarah Morrison, 2909 Fairfax Road, to permit construction of a front entryway with a front yard setback of 66 feet four inches.

Cedar Lee SID assessment and plan

Council approved assessment legislation necessary to cover expenses relative to the Cedar Lee Special Improvement District (SID) public services plan. This legislation includes approving the report of the Assessment Equalization Board for the public services plan, implementing the five-year plan through assessment, levying the assessment, and authorizing the advancement of funds to the SID in anticipation of assessment income. The assessment, to be levied annually, totals $703,440 over a five-year period and affects 71 parcels of property in proportion to their tax values as of July 17, 2013. The advancement of funds will take place annually for the five-year period.

Street lighting and improvements assessments

Council approved assessment legislation to cover a portion of the expense for street lighting and improvements. This legislation includes approval of the reports of two assessment equalization boards hearing objections to the assessments being levied. One board was for street lighting assessments; the other, for assessments for street and parkway improvements such as grading, draining, curbing, paving, repairing, cleaning, snow removal and the planting and maintenance of trees. The legislation directs the city to proceed with the assessments to cover a portion of street lighting expense ($3,119,947.76) at an annual rate, for 2014 through 2016, of $1.02 per front foot (with reduction for corner lots), and assessments to cover a portion of street and parkway improvement expenses ($2,997,596.86) at an annual rate, for 2014 through 2016, of $.98 per front foot (with reduction for corner lots).

Disposition of city property

Council amended the city code to specify methods, such as auction, trade-in, etc., for the disposal or sale of city-owned personal property that is no longer needed for municipal purposes. Council approval will not be required for the sale of such property valued at $25,000 or less. The previous threshold was $5,000.


Council approved a change order to a contract with Ronyak Paving Inc. for the 2013 street resurfacing project. The change covers the resurfacing of Crest Road ($90,000) and the Nighttown parking lot ($84,000). Taking into account an earlier change order that reduced the contract by $45,000, the net contract sum will change from the original $549,760 to $678,760.

The Mayfield Road resurfacing project begins this week. The project’s cost, $4,041,173.30, will be borne by the state and county.

LWV Observer: Katherine Solender.

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