Disqualification of Jazzercise was arbitrary

To the Editor:

I wonder why Jazzercise at the Cleveland Heights Community Center has been disqualified from FutureHeights’s 2013 Best of the Heights awards. The official explanation is that Jazzercise has won too many times. Actually, Jazzercise has won only twice in eight years. However, Aladdin’s, Tommy’s, the Stone Oven, Quintana’s Barber and Dream Spa, and Nighttown all appear on the 2013 Best of the Heights ballot. All have won multiple Best of the Heights awards.

What’s going on here? Most of the dozens of Jazzercisers are longtime residents of the Heights and enthusiastic supporters of this community and its businesses. We deserve to have our “best place to get healthy” represented on the 2013 ballot.

As a longtime, enthusiastic supporter of FutureHeights, I am puzzled and dismayed. This apparently arbitrary disqualification of Jazzercise makes me doubt the legitimacy of the whole Best of the Heights awards process.

Marian J. Morton

Marian J. Morton
Compton Road, Cleveland Heights

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 1:09 PM, 08.30.2013