University Heights City Council meeting highlights 6-17-2013

JUNE 17, 2013

  • National Senior Games
  • McDonalds
  • Tree pruning and removal
  • 2014 budget
  • Grant for new ambulance
  • Patient chair for stairs
  • New rubbish truck
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Fuchs Mizrachi
  • Fire hydrants

All council members were present.

National Senior Games

Mayor Infeld announced that volunteers are needed for the National Senior Games, to be held in Cleveland from July 19 to Aug. 1. Details can be found at


McDonald’s is making an improvement to their dumpster corral, so there will be some minor construction activity in June.

Tree pruning and removal

Council authorized the city to advertise for bids for part two of the 2013 tree pruning and removal project. Part one was planting trees. Part two is pruning 180 trees in the northeast section of the city at an approximate cost of $30,000. Part three consists of stump grinding and additional planting.

2014 budget

Council adopted the 2014 budget on emergency. The report is due to the state by July 15. This is an estimate of the revenues to be received and how they will be applied to the city’s various debts.

Grant for new ambulance

Council accepted a grant award of $19,217.21 from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Demonstration Safety Grant to fund the power-load system for the new ambulance. The grants are being offered to reduce injuries to emergency personnel. A representative of the manufacturer demonstrated the new power-lift system, which raises and lowers the patient by using battery power instead of the physical strength of the emergency personnel. It also has a more effective system for locking the cot into the ambulance. Council authorized the purchase of the Stryker Cot Model 6506 and Load System Model 6390 for the total cost of $39,321.75. The grant will offset a large portion of the cost. The cost to the city will be $20,130.79.

Patient chair for stairs

The fire chief demonstrated a chair that is being used to carry patients up and down steps. A tread grips the stairs and allows emergency personnel to roll the chair down the steps. The city already owns these chairs and has found them extremely helpful and much safer for everyone involved.

New rubbish truck

Council authorized the purchase of a used 2000 Mack LE613 Rubbish Truck for $50,500 from Holtz Industries. This will replace the oldest city truck, which is 27 years old. The service director wants to continue to use the older truck during leaf packing this fall. He would get $4,000 in trade now, but can also get $4,000 in scrap for the truck in the next couple of years. The new truck will be used for recycling pickup.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Larry Heiser, finance director, announced that teenagers from Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) will be working around the city for six weeks, painting fire hydrants and assisting with general maintenance. YOU pays them slightly more than minimum wage for this work and gives clear guidelines to the city on what to expect from the teens. The teens also attend a course on money management and banking to help them manage their pay.

Fuchs Mizrachi

Brian Phan, interim fire chief, reported that training has been completed at Fuchs Mizrachi and demolition is beginning with asbestos removal.

Fire hydrants

Fire hydrant painting and flushing will be done in July.

LWV Observer: Wendy Deuring.

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