University Heights City Council meeting highlights 5-20-2013

MAY 20, 2013

  • Citizen comments
  • Memorial Day parade
  • Awards for firefighters/paramedics
  • Police and fire pension funds
  • Waterline replacements
  • Purvis Park
  • Reverse 911
  • Street paving
  • Fire department
  • Texting ban

All council members were present.

Citizen comments

University Heights resident Gloria Giffin stated she was filing a wrongful action suit against the Cleveland Heights Police Department, claiming that [officers] gave her unnecessarily rough treatment during an effort to arrest her. She was concerned they might seek retaliation against her. She greatly appreciated past quick and gracious response she has had from University Heights officers.

Memorial Day parade

Mayor Infeld reported that the annual Memorial Day parade will feature an army veteran from University Heights.

Awards for firefighters/paramedics

Awards were presented to six firefighters/paramedics by University Hospitals for their successful response on Feb. 24 when resident Phyllis Reeves was having a heart attack. The rescue crew arrived five and a half minutes after receiving a 911 call from her daughter. Reeves and her daughter, who were present at the meeting, also thanked the men for their assistance. Dan Ellenberger, director of emergency services for University Hospitals, conducts weekly training with University Heights paramedics. He reported that only 6 percent of people who have heart attacks outside of a hospital survive, and [said he] was therefore very proud of the crew’s actions.

Police and fire pension funds

Council authorized the transfer of $180,000 from the general fund to the police pension fund, and $190,000 to the fire pension fund.

Waterline replacements

Council approved Monte Cristo Construction Company’s bid for 2013 waterline replacements for Fernwood and Channing roads, at a cost not to exceed $1,020,652. The acceptance will be forwarded to the Cleveland Water Department for reimbursement. Councilman Steven Sims abstained from voting, and asked if bids had been received from any minority-owned contractors. They had not.

Purvis Park

Council approved Industrial Service Sealer Inc. to seal cracks and re-stripe the Purvis Park tennis courts for a cost not to exceed $74,490. The company was the only bidder, but its price was within the budgeted amount. So that courts will always be available, [the company] will work first on three of the courts and then the other four. The service department is resetting the net posts. Joe Ciuni, city engineer, confirmed that the courts had never been replaced, and should be replaced with new drainage and new nets in the next three to five years. The patching done this summer should hold up for several years.

Reverse 911

A proposal that the city contract with Emergency Communications Network LLC for reverse 911 (CodeRED) services was presented on first reading. The city’s current system has been inoperable for a year, and this company has been recommended by other cities.

Street paving

Joe Ciuni announced that street paving will begin on May 28 and is scheduled to be completed before July 4.

Fire department

Brian Phan, interim fire chief, reported that the fire department is still conducting special training exercises in the former Fuchs Mizrachi School, including firefighter safety and survival training conducted by Cuyahoga Community College. Other cities have used the building for canine training.

Texting ban

Steven Hammett, police chief, reported that it takes two to six weeks to receive new “texting ban” signs. Police won’t cite anyone until the signs have been posted, but they have begun issuing warnings. The new signs will be identical to the signs in Beachwood and will reference all electronic communication devices, not only texting.

LWV Observer: Wendy Deuring.

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