Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights 5-20-2013

MAY 20, 2013

  • Community survey
  • Zinio magazine service
  • Automatic External Defibrillators purchased
  • Friends of the Library
  • April Public Service Report highlights

All board members were present.

Community survey

Tom Sutton and Pierre David, professors at Baldwin Wallace University, presented the results of the Community Survey they directed. The main goal was to gauge the success of future library levy campaigns. The professors often work with nonprofit groups.

They used 10,000 landline numbers and 5,000 cell phone numbers. In addition, the library provided both paper and web surveys to patrons and received 220 completed surveys. Altogether there were 802 completed surveys. Jim Posch, board member, stated that high school students, who were not included in this survey, may be heavy users of the online databases. He pointed out the differences between online services [such as requesting holds on books] and online databases.

The respondent base was well-educated; 38 percent of the respondents held advanced degrees.

Among the findings were:

  • Traditional library services were more important to respondents than Wi-Fi, study rooms and homework/study services;
  • The online chat reference service KnowItNow was little used;
  • Of respondents 70 and older, 21 percent had e-readers;
  • Most respondents used television for information and entertainment;
  • Some users were concerned about noise and behavior, which Sutton felt was a natural outgrowth of the number of people using the facilities;
  • The study subtracted 10 to 15 points from “value-laden” questions, such as those about whether and how one will vote, because respondents often answer positively regardless of their actions;
  • Sutton stated that most school districts would “willingly give their right arms” for numbers as positive as those the library’s respondents gave.

Zinio magazine service

Using Zinio service, patrons can now read more than 150 online magazines subscribed to by the library. Issues can be read online or downloaded to a computer or mobile device. The digital copies are available at any time and don’t have to be returned. A current Heights Library card will allow customers to use this collection.

Automatic External Defibrillators purchased

The board approved the purchase of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at a cost of $11,685, which includes training. There will be one on each floor of the Lee Road Library, one in the Heights Knowledge and Innovation Center, and one in each branch library. The AEDs are able to sense situations when they should not be activated and have a special setting for use with children.

Friends of the Library

The recent mega book sale garnered $4,000 profit, including $460 from the sale of prints from the Vixeboxse Gallery. First Friday sales will continue, and there may be another mega book sale in November. The May 18 fundraiser at The Wine Spot attracted 30 to 40 attendees. Friends now has 450 members.

April Public Service Report highlights:

  • The play “Rich Girl” by Victoria Stewart was the subject of the April 30 play reading with the Cleveland Play House artistic staff. The staff facilitated discussion about the play and the process of taking a play from the page to the stage.
  • The Hospice of the Western Reserve presented Advance Care Planning: Courage in Conversation on April 24. A guidebook with living will and power of attorney forms was given to attendees.
  • On April 27 the Sixth Annual Lee Road Library Crossword Competition featured unpublished puzzles provided by The New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz.
  • The leaded glass bay windows at the Coventry Village Library were removed for glazing and repair. Four temporary windows were installed during the repairs.
  • At the April general membership meeting of the Coventry Special Improvement District, Steve Presser announced tentative plans for a modified Coventry Street Fair on Sunday, July 21. The street would not be closed, but vendors, musicians and child-friendly entertainers would be present.
  • At Noble Neighborhood Library, teens made colorful [paper] leaves and attached their poems to the Poet Tree to celebrate National Poetry Month.
  • At University Heights Library during spring-break week, local hip-hop dance teacher and performer Alisa Huffman came to the Out of School Jam program. The audience loved the program and asked for more music and dance programming in the future.

LWV Observer: Anne S. McFarland.

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