University Heights City Council meeting highlights 3-18-13

MARCH 18, 2013

  • Fuchs Mizrachi
  • Cleanup month
  • Mayor appointed to county board
  • Gesu Basketball Team
  • City’s tree program
  • New scooter
  • Street paving
  • School District Lay Facilities Committee

All council members were present.

Fuchs Mizrachi

A meeting to discuss the old Fuchs Mizrachi building will be held on March 19.

Cleanup month

April is spring cleanup month. All residents can put leaves and lawn debris curbside for pick up.

Mayor appointed to county board

Mayor Susan Infeld was appointed to a county board charged with planning the use of federal funding for county projects, including clean air and water bridge projects and road repairs.

Gesu Basketball Team

Mayor Infeld presented certificates of recognition to the Gesu Basketball Team for its recent city championship for the fourth year in a row.

City’s tree program

Jeff Pokorny, service director, and Tom Morgan, city arborist, discussed the care of the city’s trees. There are four zones in the city, and one zone is chosen each year in a four-year cycle. Depending on an evaluation, trees are trimmed, removed, or left alone. Also, each year new trees are planted. If a tree is removed, residents choose from a list of about 25 trees and the city will plant one on their tree lawn. Trees are chosen based on size, [ability to] ward off insects, and relation to other trees on the street.

New scooter

Council authorized bid advertising for a new scooter for the service department. One scooter needs to be replaced this year. The expenditure of $14,368 was in the budget.

Street paving

The building commissioner requested council’s authorization to submit a county community block grant with Shaker Heights for asphalt. The streets to be paved this year are East Carroll Boulevard from South Green Road to White Road, Washington Boulevard from Cedar Road to Silsby Road, Milford Road and Meadowbrook Boulevard.

School District Lay Facilities Committee

Mayor Infeld stated that two plans will come up for a vote, but neither of them can be decided until a bond issue is voted on, and even then it might change. Council is hoping that an elementary school can stay in University Heights.

LWV Observer: Michele Weiss.

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