Free parking shows that CH is pro-business

To the Editor,

I wish to commend Mayor Kelley and Cleveland Heights City Council for their recent action to provide free parking in all city lots on the last weekend of each month in 2013.

This is exactly the type of vote that sends a clear message that Cleveland Heights is pro-business. It encourages those of us who are already conducting business in Cleveland Heights, and helps attract new business. Indeed, in a conversation I had yesterday with a potential new business coming to Cedar Fairmount, it demonstrates that we are a good place to do business.

Due to the large number of city parking spaces surrounding our district, this is going to be a tremendous boon to our area this year.

I encourage all Heights businesses to advertise this free parking in their windows and on their websites. Let's get the word out!

Brendan Ring

Brendan Ring
President, Nighttown
Treasurer, Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District

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Volume 6, Issue 2, Posted 10:58 AM, 01.24.2013