January Senior Citizen Happenings

Senior Citizen Happenings are sponsored by the City of University Heights. Events take place on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at the University Heights Library. For information, and to suggest topics for future programs, contact the University Heights Office for Senior Services at 216-397-0336.

Jan. 10: Jennifer Peck, partner in the law firm of Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck, Ltc., will discuss aspects of estate planning, probate avoidance, elder law, and use of wills and trusts.

Jan. 17: The speaker will be Annemarie Grassi, who is celebrating ten years as executive director for Open Doors Academy, a unique, nonprofit after-school program that nurtures the personal development and academic achievement of grade school and high school students.

Jan. 24: Dan Coughlin, legendary Cleveland sports journalist, will talk about his new book, Pass the Nuts, and the people and events he has chronicled in the world of sports over his colorful 40-year career.

Jan. 31: Lisa Purdy, chief executive officer for the Cleveland-based nonprofit, Council of International Programs, will discuss the council's 50-year mission of promoting international understanding through professional development and innovative cross-cultural exchange.

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 7:14 PM, 01.02.2013