Heights performance of 'Phantom' was spectacular

To the Editor:

As a former resident of Cleveland Heights, I was delighted to be asked to attend the Saturday performance of “Phantom of the Opera” at Heights High. Having seen “Phantom” three times on professional stages and once at the movies, I was somewhat doubtful, in advance, of the quality of a high school performance. This is one of the most difficult of all Broadway shows—vocally and musically.

There were no doubts, however, once the curtain went up and the overture began. I was so amazed and thrilled that I must admit I cried, unashamedly, throughout the play. The young singers, dancers and orchestra players were close to perfect in their renditions of the difficult vocal and instrumental scores, the sets and costumes were magnificent, and the inclusion of middle school and elementary school students was pure genius. I would urge all community members to attend future musicals at Heights High whenever they are presented.

A young woman sitting in front of me told me, at intermission, that her daughter was one of the elementary school children who was performing. At the end, I tapped her on the shoulder and remarked, “You CERTAINLY have something to look forward to.” Her response? “THIS is why we stayed in Cleveland Heights!”

BRAVO to the cast, orchestra members, crew, staff and parents who made “Phantom” such a success, and KUDOS to Craig McGaughey, producer and Heights High vocal music director, and Daniel Heim, Heights High Symphony director. Thank you for a spectacular evening!

Joyce Hoffer

Joyce W. Hoffer

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Volume 5, Issue 12, Posted 7:29 AM, 11.12.2012