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How do you motivate young people to become involved in the voting process? One way is through class assignments.

As part of their first journalism course, Carrie Buchanan, assistant professor of communications at John Carroll University, had her students interview local candidates and report on events related to the upcoming elections.

Some interviewed candidates; others attended debate parties and other events, then filed their reports.

The stories were all written and edited by Carrie Buchanan and her students. Contact Professor Buchanan at cbuchanan@jcu.edu.

JCU perspectives on the Presidential race:

Support for Romney is visible on John Carroll campus” by Annie Cestra.

Where are the college Dems?” by Barbie Curatolo.

United States Senate:

Senate race gets personal for Sherrod Brown,” about candidate Sherrod Brown, by Ashley Bastock 

Mandel avoids tough questions, runs on his record as Ohio Treasurer," about candidate Josh Mandel, by Erinn O’Rourke.

Unites States House of Representatives:

Driven by memory, Marcia Fudge speaks for the voiceless,” about candidate Marcia Fudge, by a JCU Contributor.

County Council:

Julian Rogers’ campaign much easier this time around,” about candidate Julian Rogers, by Kirsten Hagerty.

Judge, Juvenile Division, Court of Common Pleas:

A busy life gets busier for Rini at campaign time,” about candidate Denise Nancy Rini, by Elizabeth Egan.

Goldberg proposes reforms for ‘dysfunctional’ Juvenile Court,” about candidate Frankie Goldberg, by Carrie Buchanan.

Judge, Court of Common Pleas:

Confident Passalacqua takes on veteran judge Daniel Gaul,” about candidate Edele Passalacqua, by Alexis Gallo.

Judge Joseph Russo: What’s the advantage of name recognition?” about candidate Joseph D. Russo, by Rachel Fritzman.

Challenging times for Judge Daniel Gaul,” about candidate Daniel Gaul, by Carrie Buchanan.

Judge, Court of Appeals:

Gallagher sees her role as making a positive difference,” about candidate Eileen T. Gallagher, by Hailey Meinen.

Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio:

Cupp faces strong opposition for seat on the Ohio Supreme Court,” about candidate Robert R. Cupp, by a JCU Contributor.

O’Neill rules in favor of high moral standards,” about candidate William M. O’Neill, by Lisa Perry.

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Volume 5, Issue 12, Posted 7:00 PM, 10.29.2012