Why a solid fence for Cumberland Pool?

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding a possible plan to construct a solid fence around Cumberland Pool that is under discussion and vote by Cleveland Heights City Council members.

I am 64 years old—a resident of Cleveland Heights my whole life, save a few years in my early 20s. I spent every summer of my life from probably 6–8 to 18 at Cumberland pool. The pool has changed over the years—no longer does one have to go through the toe inspection and the cold water foot bath, the rules have been relaxed so one can bring a book, you can wear your suit to the pool!—but the basics haven't changed.

It is still the same beautiful pool. And, with vistas outward and inward! I remember looking out to see who was looking in. I remember my mother coming to say "time to get out." I remember parading my teenage figure around the pool for all to admire—those inside the pool and those hanging around outside the pool looking in. I remember being able to see the tennis courts and basketball courts and baby pool, the trees, the walk down to the park and the playground. It was open and beautiful. And it should stay that way.

This year my granddaughter was part of the gardening program—a beautiful use of space right outside the pool on the parking lot side. Would they contemplate cutting this off from the pool, or fencing it off from sight from the public outside the pool?

It just does not make sense. If there is a group of people in Cleveland Heights who require a closed-off-from-public-view use of the pool, let them arrange to have the pool for their activity and cover the existing fencing themselves for the evening. Why should the pool be permanently transformed for their use?  Why would the city 1) transform a community landmark, and 2) bear the cost of doing this? Better to use whatever discretionary funds there might be to pay for entrance fees for those kids who can't afford to pay for passes.

Susan Lobe Wood

Susan Lobe Wood
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 10:39 AM, 10.03.2012