Shortage of LWV observers curtails UH council coverage

We regret to say that due to a shortage of volunteers, the Heights Chapter of the League of Women Voters of Cuyahoga Area (LWV) is unable to provide full coverage of the University Heights City Council meetings. We will continue to cover at least one meeting per month and will seek more volunteers with the hope of returning to full coverage.

If you appreciate and enjoy reading our reports perhaps you would like to help us continue this service to the community by joining the League and our Observer Corps. To learn more please contact Maryann Barnes by e-mail ( or by phone (216-321-7525).

Observers should be League members. If you are not already a member, please join us. Yearly dues are $60 and by joining LWV Cuyahoga Area you can affiliate with the Heights Chapter and you automatically become a member of the League of Women Voters of Ohio and the national League of Women Voters.

While the League is nonpartisan and endorses no candidates, it does take positions on and advocates for policy issues. With League membership you become part of an organization that works to safeguard democracy, advocates for good government, educates voters, and promotes voter participation.  For more information, visit

Maryann Barnes

Maryann Barnes is the Observer Corps editor for the Heights Chapter of the League of Women Voters, Cuyahoga Area.

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 12:10 PM, 10.03.2012