spyngaFlows expands, promises to remain different

When Carina Adams found herself unable to reach her knees, she knew that something was wrong. Once an avid cyclist, her passion was leaving her stiff and at risk of injury.

Turning to yoga as a remedy, Adams quickly discovered that the two activities complement each other nicely. Cycling offers an intense cardiovascular workout, while yoga provides an opportunity to increase flexibility.

Inspired to learn more, Adams traveled to Toronto to study with the founders of Spynga, the cycling and yoga chain to which she now belongs. Adams said that she found her studio space the first time she drove through the Coventry neighborhood. After that, “everything just fell into place,” she added.

As a master Spynga franchisee, Adams prides herself on operating a diverse, inclusive and friendly studio. Classes at spyngaFlows attract a wide range of ages, from college students to the retired, and a variety of skill levels. Most classes are 50 minutes long, with 25 minutes on the stationary bike and 25 minutes of yoga.

Said Adams, “Typically we have someone who’s really practiced in yoga, but they’ve never been on a bike before . . . and vice versa.” To accommodate the gaps in experience, as well as to prevent injury and maximize the efficiency of each workout, Adams caps enrollment in each class at 12 people.

With her commitment to small classes, and the studio’s popularity, Adams is planning some major changes this fall. First, spyngaFlows is expanding its physical space by moving across the hall at 1846 Coventry Road, the building where the studio is located.  

Adams is also adding a teaching school. She hopes to retain some of these students as employees. Finding instructors who are qualified to teach both yoga and cycling is difficult. “Most yogis stay off of their bikes because it makes the body tighter,” she explained. The teaching school should also enable Adams to provide a diverse array of classes.

In addition to her standard yoga and cycling classes, Adams offers classes for kids, and post- and prenatal “boot camp” classes. She provides cycling and yoga expertise to sports teams as a trainer, working with, most notably, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Between working at spyngaFlows and raising three children, Adams finds the time to offer her fitness expertise outside of her studio. She leads bike tours of the Chagrin Valley, where she lives, and occasionally conducts free yoga sessions in neighborhood parks.

For more information about spyngaFlows classes, call 216-965-0310.

James Helmsworth

James Helmswoth is student at Oberlin College and a Heights Observer intern.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 3:26 PM, 09.04.2012