Cedar Fairmount SID thanks city and mayor of Cleveland Heights for their support

To the Editor,

I wish to give sincere thanks and praise to Cleveland Heights City Council's unanimous decision to declare Myxx a public nuisance. We in the Cedar Fairmount district have striven very hard to make this an attractive destination for vistors and residents. The appalling indifference shown by the owner of Myxx to all of her neighbors needed to be acted upon swiftly and indeed was, both by council and our Cleveland Heights Police Department. I also wish to thank Chief Robertson for his part in not allowing things to have gotten worse, which most certainly could have happened given the powderkeg nature of what was going on there.

I want to make special mention of Mayor Kelley's role in this situation. I have seen some comments critical of Mayor Kelley's "strong language" and mention of Detroit. This is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. Mayor Kelley is most passionate about Cleveland Heights and in the course of his comments at council meetings it is that passion that makes him a great mayor. He does not pull punches, and I for one am glad that is the type of person heading council in Cleveland Heights. Is it not refreshing to have a politician who tells it like it is?

Bravo Mayor Kelley, and thank you again . . .

Brendan Ring

Brendan Ring
Owner of Nighttown
Treasurer of Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 3:25 PM, 08.30.2012