Dog-free Cleveland Heights parks are underused

To the Editor

Your front page article about the Dog Project caught my eye when I saw a copy in a recent visit to City Hall. We have lived in Cleveland Heights for some 15 years. During that time, we could count on one hand (thumb not needed) the times we've walked in Cleveland Heights Parks.

Meanwhile, we typically use the East Cleveland part of Forest Hills Park to walk our dog a couple of times a week. The first time we tried to walk in the Cleveland Heights part of the park we encountered signs saying 'No Animals Allowed."(What they do about rabbits, deer, squirrels, foxes and the coyote family living in the park is beyond me. I do hope they get cited, though!) So it has always been a pet peeve for me that although I pay taxes to Cleveland Heights, I have to go outside the city to walk my dog.

What is more, it looks like those of you who don't like dogs don't use the parks that much yourselves. The parks do look pretty though!

Alan McIlwain

Alan McIlwain
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 5, Issue 8, Posted 10:10 AM, 07.12.2012