A quiet revolution has started, and Itís here in Cleveland Heights

After the 2010 Citizens United case wherein the U.S. Supreme Court decided that corporations could spend unlimited amounts of money on political advertising, people across the country decided that enough was enough. Just two short years before, the big banks had pulled the country, and the rest of the world, into a mire of recession resulting from their bad judgment and greed. Years before that, important banking oversight regulations had been demolished at the behest of big banks and their lobbyists. As the argument went, business knows best how to run itself and must be freed from the shackles of government.

We see where that got us. Now a movement has been growing in the country. It’s called Move to Amend, and the purpose is to take back the Constitution and our Democracy from the stranglehold of big corporations and their lobbyists with a 28th Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment would not only overturn the Citizens United decision but would address the previous history of court cases that granted human constitutional rights to corporations and ruled that money is free speech. It would declare that corporations are not people and should not have human rights and that money does not equal speech. Among other things, this amendment would put an end to the obscene amount of money that’s pouring into the Super PACs and give real human voices a chance to be heard.

Over 150 communities across the nation and the State of Vermont have passed resolutions calling for a 28th amendment.  The full list can be found at www.movetoamend.org. A Cleveland Heights affiliate of Move to Amend (MTA) has been meeting for several months. After studying resolutions and ballot initiatives from other communities, the Cleveland Heights MTA committee and over 20 supporters went to the City Council meeting on April 16th and asked that an initiative be placed on the November ballot for Cleveland Heights citizens to have a chance to take a stand on this issue. At its June 4 meeting, council instead introduced a resolution that addressed the Citizens United case, but left out these important goals:

  • End all never-intended constitutional rights for corporations, and
  • Overturn the constitutional doctrine that money equals free speech.

While we appreciate that the Cleveland Heights City Council has taken up this issue, we urge them to include these important goals in their resolution. The Cleveland Heights MTA group will continue to work for a 28th amendment to the Constitution. But this revolution is a little too quiet!  Please add your voice to this fight for real democracy and get involved.

Sally Hanley

Sally Hanley
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 5, Issue 7, Posted 3:15 PM, 07.09.2012