Culture of Cutting serves neighbors and celebrities

DeSean Matthews is the owner and operator of Culture of Cutting on South Taylor Road.

DeSean Matthews is a humble laid-back guy, but he’s stern. If clothing is a form of self-expression, his freshly ironed red Adidas shirt, pressed denim shorts, flawless goatee and haircut reflect his hardworking, perfectionist mentality. It was his work ethic and his pursuit of perfection that enabled him to open his shop, Culture of Cutting Barber Salon, on South Taylor Road in Cleveland Heights, at the age of 33.

Matthews began cutting hair in the sixth grade and has been passionate about it ever since. “I just love the art of cutting hair. It makes you feel good when someone is satisfied with your work.”

After high school, Matthews attended Lake Erie Barber College. Following graduation, he started cutting hair professionally, and saving money with the goal of having his own shop some day. Three years ago, his dream came true.

The shop that Matthews owns had been on South Taylor for 15 years before he purchased and renamed it Culture of Cutting Barber Salon. The place is, indeed, a salon offering complete hair care services, including cutting, styling, bump treatment and facials. As Matthews said, “Everything that has to do with hair.” He is currently seeking a nail technician in order to offer hand and foot services. The shop also serves women with haircuts, facials and brow arching.

Matthews hopes to open up another barber shop in the Northeast Ohio, but he does not plan to franchise or create a commercial brand for himself.

Although Matthews’ talents have brought in some celebrity clients over the years, such as Chris Chambers of the Miami Dolphins and several Cleveland Browns players, he remains humble and his shop maintains a family-friendly and community-first atmosphere.

Matthews has never lost sight of his goals and his vision for the business. “My passion is to make everyone satisfied with their haircut and the goal is to please every head,” Matthews said. The barbers in the shop reflect his vision—each barber in the salon is passionate about cutting hair. If they weren't, they wouldn't be employed there. He’s stern.

Christina Sanders

Christina Sanders is a senior at Cleveland State University and a FutureHeights intern.

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Volume 5, Issue 7, Posted 2:49 PM, 07.05.2012