University Heights City Council meeting highlights 6-4-12

JUNE 4, 2012

  • Dina Flesher
  • New resident meet and greet
  • Returned check policy
  • Budget adjustment for part-time workers
  • Road salt purchase
  • Bank account closed
  • Funds for Fuchs Mizrachi purchase
  • Street resurfacing change order
  • Police department air conditioner
  • Thermal imager
  • Texting while driving
  • Street construction
  • Program on sewer maintenance
  • Dysart tree lawn disruption
  • No regular meetings July and August

Councilman Thomas Cozzens was excused.

Dina Flesher

Dina Flesher, a longtime clerk in the finance department, died unexpectedly over the weekend. At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Susan Infeld asked for a moment of silence and expressed sympathy to Flesher’s family.

New resident meet and greet

The mayor announced that on Sunday, July 31, the Heights Community Congress, FutureHeights, and the Friends of the Library will co-sponsor a meet and greet for new Heights residents at the library.

Returned check policy

Council approved a returned check policy, recommended by the finance director, which codified current returned check practices and raised the fee for bounced checks from $20 to $30.

Budget adjustment for part-time workers

On an emergency vote, council amended current expenses and other city expenditures for 2012 to account for four part-time service department employees who were added near the end of 2011 and are ongoing. Their employment had not been budgeted for 2012.

Road salt purchase

Council approved, on emergency, an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the purchase of rock salt. ODOT acts as agent for a consortium of municipalities to request bids. University Heights’s cost is expected to be in the neighborhood of $23,000.

Bank account closed

Council approved, on emergency, the closing of the University Heights Civic Pride Foundation account at PNC Bank and transferring the remaining funds of $573.78 to the general fund. The foundation was a separate 501(c)3, but IRS changes had mandated filings that did not occur, and the organization is now defunct.

Funds for Fuchs Mizrachi purchase

Council authorized, on emergency, the transfer of funds from the general fund to the capital improvement fund for the first payment, $350,000, on the Fuchs Mizrachi property. A land survey is in process and payment will be made upon its completion.

Street resurfacing change order

Council approved, on emergency, a change order to the contract with Burton Scot Contractors Inc. for the 2012 Street Resurfacing Program. At a cost not to exceed $25,753, the contractor will replace “miscellaneous metal” (manhole covers, adjustment rings, etc.) found to be in poor shape.

Police department air conditioner

Council approved the purchase of a rooftop air conditioner for the police department. The existing equipment was very old and went down a week ago. The quote from Central AC is for $8,475 and includes a new furnace unit since both are connected to the boiler. The boiler will probably have to be replaced in a few years.

Thermal imager

Council approved the purchase, at $10,270, of a thermal imager for the fire department. An imager for the hook and ladder truck was purchased in 2007 for $9,800. The new purchase is to replace a second fire safety imager. The equipment can see through smoke, walls, furniture and other obstacles to find life in a burning structure.

Texting while driving

Steve Hammett, police chief, noted that Ohio House Bill 99, recently passed to curtail texting while driving, does not supersede local ordinances.  It will go into effect 90 days from passage.

Street construction

Final paving on four streets under construction will be completed in time for ceremonies at John Carroll University.  A portion of North Park Boulevard will be renamed John Carroll Boulevard. New signs will be placed at Milford and Carroll roads. Waterline replacement on Lansdale and Westwood roads is underway.

Program on sewer maintenance

The county engineer’s office will present a program on sewer maintenance and repair at City Hall on Monday, June 18 at 6 p.m.

Dysart tree lawn disruption

Responding to Councilman Steven Sims questions, the city engineer explained that Dysart’s tree lawns were disrupted because fire hydrants were placed too high. Crews will come back to restore the lawns.

No regular meetings July and August

The next regularly scheduled meeting will not take place until Tuesday, Sept. 4. Special meetings may be called during July and August.

LWV Observer: Patricia Solomon.

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