University Heights City Council meeting highlights 5-21-12

MAY 21, 2012

  • Memorial Day parade
  • County Planning Commission
  • Transfer of funds
  • Scooter purchase
  • Returned check policy
  • Range service agreement
  • Tree maintenance
  • Repair of refuse collection scooter
  • R.I.T.A. representatives
  • Technology Advisory Commission
  • 2012 recreation program

All council members were present.

Memorial Day parade

Mayor Infeld announced that the Memorial Day parade will be held May 28 beginning at 11a.m. The parade route will begin at the intersection of Silsby and Taylor roads, then to Belvoir, and on southward to the John Carroll University Natatorium. The service and building departments will do a final sweep to clean up debris before the parade.

County Planning Commission

Mayor Infeld announced that the county executive has appointed her to the County Planning Commission to represent the Heights. She said she felt that her childhood spent living on the shores of Lake Michigan, combined with her long years of dedication to northeast Ohio, would give her a good perspective on potential development opportunities for the region.

Transfer of funds

Council authorized the transfer of $100,000 from the general fund to the capital improvement fund to cover purchases of the house on Silsby Road, a police vehicle, and a refuse scooter.

Scooter purchase

Council authorized the purchase of a refuse collection scooter at a cost of $14,368.87 from Bortnick Tractor Sales. This was the lowest price from three vendors for the same scooter model. The parts on this scooter are not interchangeable with the current scooters.

Returned check policy

An ordinance was presented on first reading to establish a returned check policy. Currently, the city has no policy regarding checks that have been returned for insufficient funds. This ordinance would impose a fine of $30 for each returned check.

Range service agreement

Council authorized the range service agreement between the University Heights and South Euclid police departments. Currently University Heights officers use the South Euclid shooting range without a formal agreement, and the city pays a fee of $100. The formal agreement would set the fee at $75. Officers are required to pass a shooting test to carry their firearms.

Tree maintenance

Council authorized the mayor to hire Tree Service Now for the pruning and tree removal of certain trees in the city. Tree Service Now was the lowest bidder on three of four sites for a total cost of $19,950. Northeast Tree Service was the lowest bidder for the fourth site, but the bid was below the $5,000 minimum that requires council’s approval.

Repair of refuse collection scooter

Council authorized the payment of $6,619.26 to Middlefield Farm and Garden for the repair of the transmission on a six-year-old Kubota refuse collection scooter. The repair should extend its life by at least another four years. Without this scooter, the service department would have only the minimum equipment required to complete trash collection each week.

R.I.T.A. representatives

Larry Heiser, finance director, announced that R.I.T.A. representatives will be meeting individually with people who do not seem to be in compliance with local tax regulations. Individuals have received subpoenas and will have the opportunity to present their information to these representatives in council chambers. Mayor Infeld said that many of these cases involve people who have moved away or have stopped working.

Technology Advisory Commission

Susan Pardee, councilwoman, announced that the mayor will be appointing up to fifteen people to the newly renamed Technology Advisory Commission. Council members were asked to make recommendations.

2012 recreation program

Pamela Cameron, councilwoman, announced that the recreation program for 2012 was now available in print and online. Pool passes may be bought online using PayPal.

LWV observer: Wendy Deuring.

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