Thanks to CH-UH School Board for its Millikin School decision.

Members of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School Board are to be commended for their leadership. They refused to give in to the demands of a small vocal group regarding the sale of Millikin School. The board recognized the real issue behind the sale of this public property—the land, not the building, is important.

This piece of land has significant economic potential because it could easily be connected to Severance Town Center. This land contains a wetland and provides a green buffer between the largest assemblage of concrete and asphalt in the city and the residential neighborhoods nearby.

This property contains the remains of the Severance stables, the last building connected to the history of the Severance estate. If we want to be a sustainable city, we have to develop greentrails so people can walk, bicycle, and use strollers and wheelchairs to get from place to place. The Millikin property is a crucial puzzle piece in the creation of a regional greentrail.

The Mosdos congregation is to be commended for its advocacy, and I hope negotiations result in the signing of a long-term lease for Millikin School.

Real leaders look to the long-range future of the community, not to appeasement and pandering of votes. I applaud and respect the school board for making the best decision for our community’s long-term interests. I hope the members of the Cleveland Heights City Council will look to the school board as an example of good governance. We will all look at the empty Walmart and the new Super Walmart, a half-mile away, as the example of theirs, for many years to come.

Fran Mentch

Fran Mentch
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 5, Issue 7, Posted 10:29 PM, 06.11.2012