University Heights City Council meeting highlights 3-19-12

MARCH 19, 2012

  • School facilities
  • 2012 Water Main Replacement
  • 2012 budget
  • Lansdale Road
  • Sweepstakes terminal cafes
  • 3954 Silsby Road
  • Paper shredding
  • House repair notices
  • Executive session

Councilman Phillip Ertel was excused.

School facilities

Mayor Susan Infeld urged the community to attend one of the community meetings scheduled by the school board regarding the schools facilities plans. Major changes are being proposed.

2012 Water Main Replacement

Council approved advertisement for bids for the 2012 Water Main Replacement Project. The City of Cleveland has agreed to replace the water mains for two streets, Lansdale and Westwood roads, in their entirety. Cleveland pays for the cost to dig up the pavement above the water lines, replace the lines, and repave that portion of the street. University Heights administers the project and thus advertises for contractor bids.

2012 budget

Council approved finalizing the city’s budget for the period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. Councilman Sims was concerned with leaving the repaving of Lansdale Road to a grant process, but Joe Ciuni, city engineer, suggested that if the city can find money in its budget, potential funders would not be interested in providing grant money. Sims was assured that although this is a final budget, it could be amended over the course of the year if grant funding cannot be obtained and city funds do become available.

Lansdale Road

Council authorized application for Community Development Block Grant funding for the Lansdale Road Streetscape Improvement. Lansdale Road will be partially repaved in the process of replacing the water mains but grant funding is needed to pave the other side of the street. The grant application is for the maximum amount of $150,000, and will also allow for traffic calming measures, as Lansdale has become a cut-through street.

Sweepstakes terminal cafes

Council reestablished the temporary moratorium on sweepstakes terminal cafes through Oct. 20, 2012. A house bill pending in Columbus would provide state regulation of these cafes. David Menn, building director, said that he receives calls periodically regarding opening an Internet café. The issue of Internet cafes will be assigned to the safety committee, which will work to adjust city regulations to be in agreement with state regulations once they are passed.

3954 Silsby Road

An ordinance authorizing a purchase agreement for the property at 3954 Silsby Road was put on first reading. Mayor Infeld noted that she is personally is opposed to the acquisition.

Paper shredding

Service Director Rob Jamieson announced that the waste drop-off and paper shredding on March 10 was very successful, with 2.6 tons of paper brought in for shredding. The next drop-off will be Nov. 3, when clocks are turned back.

House repair notices

Homes between Washington and Miramar boulevards needing exterior repairs will receive letters. Building Director Menn said these letters are in the public record and contractors will obtain the information and offer their services to homeowners. This is legal. Financial assistance is available. People should contact the building department or call First Call for Help (211) for financial assistance.

Executive session

Council went into executive session immediately following the meeting to discuss real estate matters.

LWV observer: Wendy Deuring.

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