University Heights City Council meeting highlights 3-5-12

MARCH 5, 2012

  • Proposed park on Saybrook Road
  • Senior services
  • Newsletter announcements
  • Finance director
  • Yard nuisance abatement bids
  • Purvis Park Pool painting
  • 2012 appropriations
  • Tax collections
  • Special waste collection
  • Executive session

All council members were present.

Proposed park on Saybrook Road

Citing property values, stability of the neighborhood, and availability of green space, several residents spoke in support of the proposed park on Saybrook Road on the former Fuchs Mizrachi School property, which is for sale. They distributed flyers regarding a town hall meeting sponsored by Mayor Susan Infeld on Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m. On the flyer, the mayor expressed her support, and that of council, for the proposed park, but maintained that she would not spend the tax dollars without affirmative citizen input. 

Senior services

Responding to an invitation from Councilwoman Susan Pardee, chair of the Civic Information Committee, resident Dr. Sarah Wilder addressed senior adult services and distributed copies of her remarks. Her suggestions included 1) provide office space, a telephone, and specific office hours in city hall for the coordinator of senior services; 2) appoint a committee to help identify and seek a location for a senior adult center; 3) consider locating the center in a ground floor, currently vacant space, and request that space be donated; 4) consult with the county and the Western Reserve Area Offices on Aging regarding activities and services and the possibility of funding for new centers; and 5) schedule an open forum in the next few months to seek input from residents about a new center and what programs and services should be offered. Senior volunteers could also be recruited during the event.  Mayor Infeld noted that currently, in addition to weekly programs for seniors at the University Heights Library, Senior Coordinator Walter Stinson has administrative support in city hall. Staff relays phone messages and arranges for confidential space for him to meet with residents.

Newsletter announcements

A newsletter going out to residents includes announcements about hazardous waste and shredding day [from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 9 and 10]; Community Gardening Committee meeting on March 6, Parade Committee meeting on March 7, Recreation and Recreation Advisory Committees meeting on March 8, Utilities Committee meeting on March 13, and a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Hearing on March 20 regarding allocation of CDBG funding.

Finance director

The city has received 51 applications for the finance director position. The mayor has completed two rounds of interviews and narrowed the list to a “handful” of choices. Council will be invited to interview the finalists. The mayor hopes to announce her decision next month.

Yard nuisance abatement bids

Council accepted the bid from Creekside Landscaping for yard nuisance abatement. (Councilman Sims, who has a business relationship with the landscaping company, abstained from the vote.) Creekside’s bid was the lowest of two received and at the same price as their last two years of service. Residents are ultimately responsible for reimbursing costs. If they do not respond after three billings, the case is sent to the county and the amount is added to their tax bill. In the latter case, the city does not receive the funds for 18 months.

Purvis Park Pool painting

Council accepted, on an emergency vote, the bid of Frank Novak & Sons Inc. for the Purvis Park Pool Painting. Novak's bid of $32,150 was the lowest of three bids.

2012 appropriations

Council approved, on first reading, the appropriation of funds for current expenses and other expenditures of the city for the period commencing January 1, 2012 and ending December 31, 2012. Interim Finance Director Ianiro said he previewed the document and did not see anything out of line. In his opinion, only minor tweaking needs to be done to finalize.

Tax collections

Interim Finance Director Ianiro reported that income tax collections are ahead of schedule. Property tax collection for the first quarter totals $149,000. Payment is distributed through the county.

Special waste collection

Special waste collection [on March 9 and 10] can include items such as oil-based paint, flammable material, batteries, pesticides and herbicides, mercury thermometers, computers and accessories, plastic and glass jars and bottles. The materials are transported to the Cuyahoga County solid waste collection point. There will be a second such collection later in the year. Residents are encouraged to use the special collection days but, if necessary, items may be dropped off at other times during regular city hall work hours.

Executive session

Council went into executive session immediately following this regular meeting for the purpose of discussing personnel, litigation and real estate matters.

LWV Observer: Patricia Solomon.

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