Support the sale of Millikin to Mosdos

To the Editor:

As a Cleveland Heights homeowner, I care deeply about making this a wonderful place to live and raise children.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen and grow a community is to place our utmost attention on the educational needs of the children who live there. Great schools are the building blocks of all great communities. 

Mosdos Ohr Hatorah, a Jewish private school in Cleveland Heights, has been providing superb Jewish and secular studies education for many years.

Mosdos is a school that is not only well respected in Cleveland, but also nationally. It is a model school and educational environment. The school has attracted many families throughout the country to settle in Cleveland Heights and the student body is growing every year. It is truly a local educational gem.

Mosdos's boys division on Warrensville Center Road has outgrown its current building to such an extent that the school has purchased a trailer that sits in the parking lot to serve as a classroom. In addition, the school's auditorium stage has been converted into a classroom.

Ironically, as the students travel to Mosdos every day, they pass by the former Millikin School, which has been abandoned for almost six years. The once beautiful and sprawling Millikin has fallen into disrepair, and has been struck by repeated vandalism. The once beautiful sound of children playing and learning has been replaced by eerie sounds of silence.

Mosdos has made a generous “fair market” offer of $550,000 to purchase Millikin. Considering that Mosdos will need to invest over $1,000,000 into the building to make it an adequate school and re-establish a playground, this is a very fair offer. More important, selling Millikin to Mosdos will strengthen the entire Cleveland Heights community by providing a great educational anchor that will serve to retain and attract many families to the area.

I urge all the members of the school board and the city council to do the right thing for our city and support the sale of Millikin to Mosdos.

Mitch Cohen

Mitch Cohen
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 4:46 PM, 02.29.2012