Ladies choice Motorcars in Cleveland Heights: where women love to work and buy their cars

In the male-dominated automotive industry, Motorcars in Cleveland Heights stands out as female-friendly place to work, and to buy a car. Boasting 45 female employees, Motorcars has women in every position at the dealership: sales, service technician, clean-up, detailing, service writer, valet, and controller.

“There are 17 different job categories at this dealership,” said Trevor Gile, general manager of Motorcars Honda. "Fourteen out of the 17 positions have women in them, including 8 product specialists, the chief financial officer, and a service advisor who has been with us for over two decades.”

This 20-year-old family business is run by women, including Gile’s wife and sister-in-law. “I see more women in key positions here than at any other place in the country,” said Debbie Householder, Motorcars CFO.

For women buyers, the Motorcars approach helps them to feel at ease. There are significantly more men selling cars than women, and the traditional car-buying process can at times be very intimidating. A female sales associate can be more comforting, and seem less aggressive to a female customer. Jennifer Ross, a Motorcars sales specialist, noted, “Women from all walks of life are employed here. That’s why I chose to work here, and why so many women shop with us.”

In the U.S., women influence 80 percent of all automotive purchases, and a recent survey by J.D. Power and Friedman-Swift showed that 68 percent of the buying public dread the car-buying process—the time it takes to get to the bottom line, the hassles and pressure, and the inflated prices.

Sales specialists at Motorcars are product specialists. Their income is based not on gross-sale price, but rather on customer service and volume. Motorcars has embraced a “straightforward-price” approach, which enables buyers to get the best and fairest price upfront. Motorcars prices its cars, not its customers, and constantly researches the sale prices of vehicles throughout the region to make sure that its low prices are competitive. These prices are then posted for everyone to see, including competing car dealers.

A recent article, titled “What Women Want,” on, listed the top ten vehicles chosen by women in 2011. Hondas appear in three of the four top spots. VroomGirls and The Plain Dealer recently recognized Motorcars as a dealership that successfully caters to women customers.

“I found the Motorcars staff to be straightforward and friendly,” said customer Andrea Jenkins. “No one was pushy, and I felt comfortable and relaxed during the buying process. I’m very satisfied with how I was treated.”

It’s this reaction from customers that Motorcars hopes to keep receiving as it continues to support and expand its female-friendly dealership.

Sean Balewski

Sean Balewski works in the Internet Sales Department at Motorcars Honda. He graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. 

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 1:40 PM, 02.28.2012