Credit for restoration of Bruder tile misplaced

To the Editor:

The article about The Wine Spot in the January issue has significant errors in detail and an incorrect inference concerning the work done on the former Seitz-Agin space.

Kevin Monroe, of Monroe Constructs, had absolutely nothing to do with the discovery of the Bruder tile or its restoration. In fact, Monroe Constructs did not really begin its fine work on the space until a significant portion of the cleanout was completed, and that was around mid-October.

Credit for discovery and significant cleaning of the Bruder tile goes to Ray Hallenstein, who, on my behalf, served as project overseer and general contractor. It was Ray who brought it back to life; and it was he, together with Adam Fleischer, who convinced me this past summer to keep it, and try to restore it as best we could.

Repairs and restoration of the Bruder tile in the end was undertaken by David McDowell and his tile guys, David Shalashnow and Marc Dryhurst. They also did the tile work in the front vestibule. You will also see their work when the rear entrance is remodeled in May. Bo Schulz, of Schulz Hardwood Flooring, restored, repaired and, where needed, replaced the original hardwood flooring.

Finally, all of these individuals, together with Mick Weedon and his team, who worked primarily on the exterior storefront, coordinated their efforts closely with our architect, Rich Bozic of Blatchford Architects.

Bill Mitchell

Mitchell's Fine Chocolates

Deanna Bremer Fisher

Bill Mitchell operates Mitchell's Fine Chocolates and owns the building in which Wine Spot is located.


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Volume 5, Issue 2, Posted 11:35 AM, 02.01.2012