University Heights City Council meeting highlights 12-5-11

DECEMBER 5, 2011

  • John Carroll University’s anniversary
  • Patrolman Kyle Nietert
  • Anita Kazarian
  • Recognition of sports teams
  • JCU Mutual Aid Agreement
  • Construction season

Councilman Phil Ertel was absent.

John Carroll University’s anniversary

Mayor Infeld announced that John Carroll University’s 125th-year celebration has drawn to close with the announcement of a $16 million gift for scholarships.

Patrolman Kyle Nietert

Council honored Patrolman Kyle Nietert as Public Servant of the Year. Patrolman Nietert was the first responder to the fire on Milton Road in July 2011, and rescued the family from the burning home.

Anita Kazarian

Mayor Infeld issued a proclamation naming Anita Kazarian as Citizen of the Year for her service to the city.

Recognition of sports teams

Council presented certificates of recognition to the eighth grade Gesu Boys’ Baseball Team for winning the CYO City Championship in the spring of 2011 and to the Varsity Volleyball Team of Beaumont School for advancing to the state semifinals for the first time.

JCU Mutual Aid Agreement

Council authorized a Mutual Aid Agreement with John Carroll University (JCU) for the provision of police services. The agreement area includes the JCU campus, the Green Road Annex (old Temple Emanu El), and a list of properties owned by the University. At the request of Gesu Parish, the agreement area also includes the parish properties. Councilman Sims asked if the area map would be amended if JCU acquired additional properties. Director Fisher said the agreement would be discussed and amended as necessary.

City police will be the primary law enforcement agency within the city, including all property within established university boundaries. They will respond to calls for service and investigate felony and misdemeanor offenses. University police will have authority to take enforcement action within university boundaries, and outside university boundaries, in accordance with the terms of the agreement and when assistance is requested by city police. They will investigate and take corrective action for minor misdemeanor violations that occur in their presence within university boundaries. Both departments will notify each other of felony and misdemeanor offenses that occur within the agreement area. Vice Mayor Goldberg asked about court appearances for minor misdemeanors. Chief Hammett said normally that would be handled by the university, unless discussion of the case with the city indicates a need to take it to the Shaker Heights court.

Construction season

City Engineer Ciuni said that the construction season is complete, including street and water projects and the Green Road gas project. Some concrete work remains to be done. Councilman Sims asked about tree lawn restoration. Monies are being held back to refine that work in the spring.

LWV observer: Patricia C. Solomon.

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