Oakwood should remain green space


There are many reasons the former Oakwood Club property should remain green space:

1. Development would affect Nine Mile Creek and the wildlife there. Flooding could be caused anywhere along its path to where it joins Euclid Creek.

2. Two gas wells were drilled on the property with permission for four to be drilled. Building near these sites could be dangerous.

3. In light of the current economy it is most likely that new stores will draw customers from existing retail establishments, causing the struggling ones to fail. This would only cause more empty storefronts along Mayfield, at Severance, University Square and Cedar Center.

4. The estimated number of jobs created and the amount of tax receipts generated are just that, estimates. Reality might be less due to failure of other retail establishments and corresponding unemployment, resulting in a net loss of tax receipts.

5. There are several retail areas in South Euclid and in Cleveland Heights that could be refurbished or redeveloped. Beautify what we already have. Making the existing commercial areas attractive, supporting the current businesses will keep them viable.

6. As foreclosures are predicted to continue and both cities already have many empty houses, will the building of high-end apartments be wise? Apartments are transitory. If employment in Cuyahoga County was attracting well paid employees this might be worthwhile. Reality shows a declining number of high paying jobs. What happens to the apartments when the tenants move on at the end of the lease and new qualified tenants can't be found? 

7. The biggest concern is about the acreage that is to remain green space. The developer has proposed to sell a certain number of acres to each city for one dollar per acre, to be used as a park. The responsibility of structuring the property for a park, the upkeep and liability would fall to the cities and taxpayers. What happens if one or both cities decline the responsibility of owning this acreage? Does the developer sell it to someone else? Worst scenario would be that another developer bought it and wanted to put something totally unacceptable there.

Anne Karavantas

Rosemond Road

Cleveland Heights

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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 1:58 PM, 01.19.2011