University Heights City Council meeting highlights [1-4-11]

JANUARY 4, 2011

  • New service director
  • Revocation of variance
  • Juvenile board assignments
  • Right turns on red
  • Property tax overpayments
  • County grant funds
  • Regional Income Tax Agency
  • Senior transportation
  • Council workshop
  • State of the Schools address

All council members were present.

New service director

Mayor Infeld reported that a new service director, Rod Jamison, had been hired and would begin work in two weeks.

Revocation of variance

Robert H. Weizman of 4394 Groveland Road appealed the Dec. 8, 2010 decision of the zoning appeals board regarding the revocation of a five-foot front setback variance to accommodate a new two-story vestibule. His lawyer presented council with a petition signed by neighbors in support of Weizman.

Commissioner David Menn reported that a variance requested in 2007 to build the vestibule expired before the work was done. Weizman was granted another variance with the understanding it would be completed by Dec. 1, 2010. The work was not completed and the variance was revoked.  Linda Johnson, a zoning appeals board member, reported that Weizman continued to complete a significant amount of work after the variance was revoked.  She said that, at the time of the revocation, the vestibule could have easily been removed and repairs to the original front would have been minimal. However, the illegally continued work made that much more difficult. Weizman was ordered to return to council in two weeks with a hired contractor, a signed contract, and a bond, with the intent of putting the responsibility for the work in the hands of a contractor.

Juvenile board assignments

Council authorized the chief of police to assign any member of the division of police to act in the juvenile bureau. This will give the department more flexibility to place officers where they are most needed.

Right turns on red

Council passed an ordinance removing prohibitions of right turns against steady [not blinking] red signals in certain locations.

Property tax overpayments

Due to the successful appeal by various commercial properties, the county will deduct overpayments in property taxes made in prior years from taxes remitted to the city this year.

County grant funds

Council authorized the mayor to accept grant funds from the Cuyahoga County Municipal Energy Program.  A special fund for these grant monies will be created and a county grant for $12,000 would be placed there.

Regional Income Tax Agency

Finance director Jennifer Esarey asked residents to file their R.I.T.A. taxes online, which would save the city a significant amount of money.

Senior transportation

Councilman Consolo plans to set up a Civic Information Committee meeting in January, at which time he hopes to complete the contract for senior transportation.

Council workshop

Councilwoman Sue Pardee announced a planning meeting for a council workshop to focus on how to plan and work well together. She has two candidates to consider as a moderator for the workshop.

Mayor Infeld expressed reservations that holding such a workshop would distract council from important tasks already on their agenda. Maintaining that council must learn the skills to work well together, Councilmen Murphy, Sims, and Bullock all spoke in favor of the workshop. Bullock told the mayor that he hoped she would attend.

State of the Schools address

Councilwoman Pardee reported that the school superintendent would deliver The State of the Schools address at the high school on Jan. 26, 2011.

LWV observer:  Carol Gibson

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