We can overturn the South Euclid rezoning of Oakwood

It's come to this. Finally. I'm begging. I'm begging for a pro bono lawyer, or for someone(s) with deep pockets.

Because. I. Don't. Want. To. Lose. We can't lose. It's way too important.

Unless we get it reversed in a court, the ill-advised and unconstitutional rezoning of the Oakwood golf course in South Euclid will, too late, be recognized as the turning point upon which the Near East Side Suburbs (NESS) began their rapid decent.

“Unconstitutional? What the heck is he talking about?” you may well ask.

OK, that's a fair question. You're familiar with Shemo, right? Shemo was the bogeyman court case that the developer and his pals kept threatening the South Euclid voters with all the time. Nothing anybody said or did would matter, because of Shemo. Shemo was all-powerful. Shemo was great. Shemo was the developer's ace-in-the-hole, no matter what.

Sooo, being as we're certain to have Oakwood: Round II in Cleveland Heights one of these days, I decided I'd better know what Shemo's all about. That's one of my tricks, by the way. I gather facts. Then I bring them up at the appropriate time.

And here's what Shemo really says. This is from The Supreme Court Of Ohio:

“Since there was competent, credible evidence supporting the trial court's conclusion that the U-2-A zoning classification does not substantially advance a legitimate health, safety, and welfare concern of Mayfield Heights, we reverse the judgment of the court of appeals and reinstate the trial court's judgment declaring the zoning ordinance unconstitutional.”

Pretty simple, isn't it?

No way that huge, crappy development, going up where it doesn't belong, will “substantially advance a legitimate health, safety, and welfare concern of” South Euclid. Everyone knows this. They know this. Heck, they even had a consultant write up a report that advises them to change the 2010 Updated Comprehensive Plan since the rezoning is such a stark contradiction to it.

I've asked lawyers to look this idea over. It's valid. There's no guarantee of winning. Not by a long shot. But I will guarantee that if the Super Walmart and the fast food drive thrus are built, we lose.

I've asked everybody and anybody for help. I've got a couple of logs on the fire, but nothing nearly enough. Please, someone who cares, contact me.

We can overturn the South Euclid Oakwood rezoning. But I need your help.

Garry Kanter

Garry Kanter attended the CH-UH schools from K-12, graduating from CHHS in 1975. He lives in Cleveland Heights in a home that he's fixing up. He also owns a house in South Euclid.

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 11:49 PM, 12.21.2011